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Case Study

St. Vital Centre

Tenant Awareness Campaign

Case Study Highlights

Two of the featured tenants reported 30% increases, and two others reported increases of nearly 20%.

Centre of Attention

St. Vital Centre’s head office, 20VIC Management Inc., asked St. Vital Centre to execute a mass-media campaign that raised awareness for four key tenants, identified by 20VIC. The goal of the campaign was to generate buzz and increase sales for these specific retailers.

We knew we had to do more than simply let people know that these stores were in the Centre. We needed to use the Centre’s strong brand to differentiate the St. Vital Centre locations from the same retailers in other shopping malls in the city. We did this by taking advantage of Spark – which already has a consistent audience, and has proven capable of increasing sales. With the targeted tenants in mind, we developed engaging blog content that highlighted each retailer in a natural, on-brand way. When each of the targeted blog posts went up on Spark, we ran digital billboards around Winnipeg, promoting the current post and featured tenant for two weeks. At the same time, a related homepage graphic was featured on the St. Vital Centre website, a space in the Centre displayed the tenant’s product, and we ran a Facebook contest, giving away a gift card or product from the featured tenant.

The campaign was extremely well received by St. Vital Centre, 20VIC, and the retailers. Of the eight tenants featured (four tenants each in spring and fall campaigns), almost all experienced an increase in sales year-over-year in the month they were featured. Two of the featured tenants reported 30% increases, and two others reported increases of nearly 20%.

This multi-channel campaign also served to strengthen St. Vital Centre’s social media engagement. Each of the Facebook contests were well received, with as many as 211 entries on one post. St. Vital Centre plans to continue this tenant awareness approach in the coming year, with a number of tenants requesting to be involved.