Our People & Process

Of course, ideas are only as big as the people behind them. Our team is rich in its diversity; from international communications award winners to virtual world creator; from Canadian Idol finalist to Price is Right winner; from scuba diver to flying ace; from car builder to watercolour artist; from Muay Thai fighter to marathon runner and more. Above all, we are great thinkers, who love to challenge the status quo and ask ‘Why not!?’

And yes, we are also account directors, project managers, art directors, graphic designers, copywriters, creative directors, media experts and web designers. The thing we have in common is our passion for life. It is this passion and spirit that we bring to work every day.

We build strong relationships with our clients; trusting partnerships that allow us to share strengths and ideas and work together to create amazing results. Creativity is our business, but we also understand the importance of budgets, schedules and project management. That’s why we apply our creativity to our processes, from how questions are asked to how your account is managed to how issues are resolved. It means we have the flexibility to always find a way to get it done, as promised.

Our process is inclusive and collaborative, which means our team is your team, and your mandate, our mission.