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Gone to the dogs.

Charity Posted by Charity Gone to the dogs.

Walking through the doors of Fusion you may be greeted with any number of sights and sounds. From the sharp clicking of heels racing through the halls, phones jingling their merry little tunes, to the intoxicating scents of fresh pressed coffee and baked croissants. But the one that remains my favorite above all others, is the pitter patter of four feet. And not only four feet but sometimes 8 and sometimes 12 and sometimes even more.

That’s right, the Fusion family extends to the canine family as well and its not a small one. On any given day we can have up to 7 dogs roaming the halls and grinning in the windows, wagging their happy little tails and shaking with anticipation at the chance to meet a new addition to their pack - you!

During a few moments of escape from the continued cleaning of our new space, I had the opportunity to capture four of the furry little creatures.

Here are their official introductions:

Coco (Chocolate Long Coat Chihuahua)
Like her owner, Coco is known to have a bit of a personality, but her bark is worse than her bite (if there is one). The first to greet you at the door and last one to leave your side if you are eating ANYTHING, she is a friend to everyone. Coco is one of the doggie pioneers of Fusion, joining the ranks at an early age and for that reason treating every inch of the office as though it were her own.

Ninee (Beagle/Kings Charles Cavalier Cross)
Named after the famous Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, this little bundle is a whole lot of heart. If you don’t fall in love with her sloppy kisses, you soon will with her chocolatey brown eyes and floppy ears. Don’t over look this little snuggle bug when you stop by! She will often be perched on a side table, tucked into a winter parka...just taking it all in.

Gus (Bichon/Poodle Cross)
One of the most energetic Fusion dogs, Gus can often be seen bounding through the air like a jack rabbit, racing after any number of dogs, toys and people. This little guy’s exuberance for life can only be matched by his innate curiosity. His unwavering attention to detail (of our lives) makes him a true Fusion employee.

Luna (Merle Long Coat Chihuahua)
The shyest of the pack, Luna shines brightest in the presence of her owner. This timid little girl can often be found trailing her owner by only a step, peeking around a corner to make sure the coast is clear or gingerly sniffing uncharted territory. But don’t be fooled! This is just a ploy for your attentions so that this stealth thief can steal your lunch!

There are still a few more dogs to introduce and I’m sure they’ll stop by sooner rather than later. But until then I have some playin.... er, um.... I mean, work to do.

What others had to say:

the perfect office needs lots of dogs! would love to introduce Mazie to these beauties.

Posted by: manny | July 10, 2015

So cute! I love that they're all on the couch with Kara - amazing they stayed there long enough for a photo. Miss those little pups!

Posted by: Brooke | July 10, 2015