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Yours Truly...

Kara Posted by Kara

Every year, St. Vital Centre hosts the annual Christmas Miracle toy drive, a yearly fundraiser (put on by the Christmas Cheer Board and sponsored by TD Bank, BOB FM, CURVE and St. Vital Centre) that raises cash and toys for less fortunate local children. The toys that come in are stacked together, resulting in a giant pile by the end of the event.

This year, we thought it would be neat to capture that pile as it grew, giving Winnipeggers a new perspective of the scope of what they are a part of each and every year. Working with Denise Meilleur, we mounted a camera that automatically photographed the growing toy pile every half hour throughout the three-day event. At the same time, we also photographed the
various volunteers, radio personalities and gift-givers who came by. This footage was brought together into a short motion piece, featuring animation of some statistics and photos from the weekend and culminating with a stop motion look at the pile as it grows from a couple of small boxes to a giant pile of Christmas Cheer for boys and girls in Winnipeg.

We're thrilled with the result and the process that led up to it. There couldn't be a better way to wrap up the Christmas portion of the "Yours Truly" campaign than with this thank you note from St. Vital Centre to everyone involved. It's been a great holiday theme and we look forward to the upcoming Spring 2011campaign. Keep your eye out for it!