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Mobile Advertising Growth Monopolized

Dave Posted by Dave Mobile Advertising Growth Monopolized

Mobile seems to be the place that we’re all headed. And Facebook is the place where much of that growth is being captured.

I keep hearing and reading about the fall of Facebook, and of the youth leaving in scores, but they are seeing the greatest increases in market share in mobile advertising. They are not the leader, but they lead in year on year growth since 2012 after having almost no mobile ad revenue in 2011. Facebook has risen from a 5.4% share in 2012 to 21.7% in 2014. Meanwhile, Google dropped almost six points.

Globally, the mobile advertising industry has more than tripled in two years to cross over $30 billion in 2014 (up from $18 billion last year) — a huge industry, but nothing like TV at almost $200 billion and print at $110 billion (Mashable).

As broadband becomes cheaper and as we untether from our wired home and office computers, mobile will become our screen of choice. You can already watch a lot of TV and listen to most radio stations on mobile, and we’re much more excited when a new mobile device is launched than we are a new computer, TV or music player. With Apple’s impending release of IOS 8, opening up a variety of new health tracking opportunities and home management abilities, we’re not very likely to slow down on our consumption of mobile.

Shameless Promotion

Morris Posted by Morris

 The annual Open House portfolio show for graduating graphic design students happens this week at Red River College.

For the past few months I’ve been meeting weekly with a young talent named Andrea Tria, serving as a mentor while she completed her studies in advanced graphic design. My role has mostly been sounding board and confidence builder. The day we first sat down to meet it was clear to me that her ability to ideate and the skills to expertly execute those ideas were already firmly in place.

The winner of The Terry Kuzina Memorial Student Award for Graphic Design in 2013, Andrea is a deep thinker, great with words, and is an extremely hard worker. She especially loves paper, publications and typography but is equally strong in print, video and new media. I think she has a bright future in advertising and design.

Here’s a sampling of her work. If you can’t make it down to the RRC Princess Street campus on May 8th (4:30-8:30pm) her complete portfolio can be seen at andreatria.com (though it’s definitely worth seeing the entire Open House show in person).

And while on the topic of futures in graphic design…congratulations go out to Abra West, the 2014 winner of The Terry Kuzina Memorial Student Award for Graphic Design (terrykuzina.com). Abra, pictured below between Theresa and Debbie Kuzina, received her award during a ceremony at Red River College on April 23rd. We’re looking forward to seeing where the next school year takes Abra and her portfolio.

Facebook's Declining Page Reach

Florence Posted by Florence Facebook's Declining Page Reach

Analysis done by Social@Ogilvy on more than 100 brand Facebook pages

Facebook announced almost a month ago that it was further reducing the organic reach of Page posts to only 1% – 2%. The decline started a few months ago, when it made an algorithm change to its News Feed, impacting what users saw. Pages immediately felt the effects, as organic reach per post suddenly declined to approximately 6%. But to go even further to only 1% - 2% has many marketers mad, and wondering whether Facebook is the right medium to reach their audience.

As a Page admin for one of our clients, the change has been more than frustrating. We’ve worked hard with our client to grow their Facebook page, and worked hard to develop content relevant to our audience. And it hasn’t all been done for free – our client is no stranger to sponsoring posts and buying ad space on Facebook.

Users have actively chosen to engage with our client’s brand by Liking their Facebook page. They want to know what’s going on and want to dialogue with our client’s brand. So what now? I’ve been reading plenty of articles, researching, and doing a lot of trial and error to figure out how to engage our audience again. But time will tell what works and what doesn’t!

What others had to say:

Another thing to think about is the recent release of the Messager iOS app for the iPhone. People who used to open up the Facebook iOS app to gain access to conversations with their friends now are being pointed to an alternate, stand-alone app. This increases the likelihood those people will never open (or even uninstall) the main FB app, and not engage in the news feeds at all!

Posted by: Wil Alambre | April 16, 2014

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March Madness

Claudine Posted by Claudine March Madness

March was for small joys – from green beer and $2 scratch card wins, to small babies who stopped by for a visit. Congratulations to Misha, Grant, and big brother and big sister David and Lizzie on their new family member. Baby Lukas was born Monday March 3. He was 20.5 in. and 9 lbs 7 oz. We miss you, Misha! Thanks for introducing us to your beautiful baby boy (centre photo).

The rest of the images (clockwise from top left): Haley enjoys a green brew on St. Patrick's Day. Rob and Violet take a break with a Care Bear - the object of our St. Pat's scavenger hunt.

There was a little colour on Claudine's desk, courtesy a clipping from Swani's flowering plant and macarons from the Red River Culinary students in neighbourhood.

We were also treated to a Lunch & Learn from Raewyn Sleeman, a senior advisor in direct marketing with Canada Post. She shared valuable information to help us serve our clients' direct mail needs.

Former Fusion writer, Lenore, brought her baby Huck for a visit. Huck and Flo's pup, Max, became new best friends.

Morris won $2 on a scratch ticket, a prize for the winning scavenger hunt team. He didn't split the prize with his teammates, in case you were wondering.

Swani was decked out in green for March 17.

... And we closed off the month with our traditional pot luck lunch, including homemade pizza by Flo.

We're looking forward to April's adventures!

What others had to say:

Awww, miss you guys...

Posted by: Leighton | March 31, 2014

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Back to the future

Claudine Posted by Claudine Back to the future

Devils Lake Central High School Yearbook.

I posted this picture from my high school yearbook for #tbt, or #throwbackthursday, one of the more popular hashtags on Instagram. Nostalgia is at the heart of #tbt.That bittersweet longing for the past isn't something I indulge in often. My fellow Aquarians and I like to spend more time in the future.

My past future has become my present. "[Claudine] plans to pursue a career in writing 'even in advertising' hoping that one day her works will be published." Ta-da!

I will continue to strive to live up to my English teacher, Mrs. Bott's description, "You really don't now what to expect from her, and it's always different from what anyone else does."

Heck, it's gotten me this far.

What others had to say:

I love this post! How your teacher described your writing is bang on. Love it!

Posted by: Swani | February 5, 2014

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