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Name my baby!

Florence Posted by Florence Name my baby!

The countdown's on - only 24 days until I'm due! The Fusion baby pool officially kicked off yesterday, which means all of my coworkers will be betting on the weight, sex, birthdate, and birth time of my baby. 

And just so you don't feel like you're missing out, I thought I'd extend the fun to our blog readers and see what you think we should name our baby. We don't know the sex, so entries for boy and girl names are welcome. If your name is chosen, you will receive....bragging rights and a picture with our baby. (What, did you really think I would give you money?)

Ready, set, go!

What others had to say:

Orwell Ozirney
Odysseus Ozirney
Obadiah Ozirney

Florence Jr.

Posted by: Claudine | March 14, 2017

Boy names -
Ebenezer (Eb and Flo)

Girl names -

Posted by: Morris | March 14, 2017


Morris Posted by Morris


Two great reasons to smile today.

Reason 1: beautifultype.net
Reason 2: It’s Friday!

TypoGraphy Is Fun : )

Meet Jay Leslie

Dave Posted by Dave Meet Jay Leslie

Big news! I’m thrilled to announce the newest member of our team, Jay Leslie. 

Jay joins us as an Account Manager and strengthens our team with a decade of experience in design, marketing and brand consultancy. He comes to us from National Leasing, where he lead an in-house agency team of five, and focused on building their digital marketing strategy through lead generation, website development, blogging, video production, and a robust ppc platform. His experience as an entrepreneur is invaluable to me because he knows what it means to start a company, and how it feels to spend your hard earned money on marketing. 

Since starting at Fusion, Jay has already been getting his feet wet with new and existing client business. I am pleased to have Jay on board and look forward to doing great things together. 

Stop and Smell the Sawdust

Morris Posted by Morris

Four easy steps to designing and building your own social media site.

If you’re a creative professional and you ever find that the ephemeral advertising/marketing/graphic design world that the fruits of your labour live and (usually pretty quickly) die in is needing a little out-of-office boost this project might be right up your alley.

Step 1: rescue castoff old headboard from your father’s woodpile
Step 2: deconstruct (discovering six beautiful oak boards and maple bedposts under the awful, thick, poop-brown stain – notice that the backs of the oak boards, unfinished, and with pronounced saw marks, are actually way nicer than the “finished” side – then while looking at your pile of wood start to imagine
Step 3: recruit a cardboard box to help hold up your deconstructed pieces and using the pictures in your head start moving the wood around (having a few clamps to hold stuff together will be an asset)
Step 4: add poplar accents in tribute to the woodpile, tweak idea, cut wood to finished sizes, assemble, paint and stain.

You’ll find that limited tools and even less experience in woodworking needn’t hold you back. Lessons learned from your career – about things like contrast, scale and proportion – will prove to be beneficial. And in the end, you’ll have a mobile social media device that could even outlive Instagram, Twitter, Facebook et al. If used correctly it will be a site where you can combine pretty much all social media – keep in touch with your freinds – talk about the news – share your likes – network – and you’ll even straighten your neck, smell smells and touch something other than a flat piece of glass – with no limits on words or characters or data.

Taking time to stop and smell the roses did me a world of good.

(I acknowledge the irony in the fact that I’ve had to resort to using social media to make a cheeky statement about social media.) (What effect will using the word poop in this story have on our search engine optimization?)

What others had to say:

I missed this earlier... the "p" word must not have made it through the filters on my social media feeds ;) It's beautiful! Are you taking commissions? What might you find in the woodpile for my house?

Posted by: Claudine | February 3, 2016

Time Flies!

Audrey Posted by Audrey Time Flies!

We’re sad to say goodbye to our Graphic Design student, Hailey Graham. She’s been a big help over the past two weeks, and we appreciate her hard work and positive attitude. Thanks for being with us, Hailey! We wish you all the best in your studies. :)

Here’s what Hailey had to say about her experience:


I have been excited about work placement before I was even accepted into the Graphic Design program at Red River College. Fusion has been a great opportunity to experience a design studio at work and learn about the industry firsthand. My last two weeks here have been incredibly informative, and helped in actualizing what it might be like to work at an advertising agency. It is a bright sunny workplace, full of wonderful people (and dogs), and a variety of interesting projects that the team got me involved in; all this and more has made my experience truly memorable.

Fusion’s atmosphere is inspiring. I never thought walking into an office space could be so exciting, a pool table, ping pong, couches, and a fully loaded kitchen made me feel completely at ease here. To top it all off, some of the staff bring their dogs to work with them!

I was a little bit nervous about how fast-paced the office would be before I got here, as I am still learning and only halfway through my second year. While it is more fast-paced than I’m used to, everyone here has been exceedingly kind and patient and helped to make this a rewarding experience. I have learned so much over my last two weeks here, I feel like I am already working a bit faster! A couple of the projects I got to work on over my placement were sent to print which allowed me to see a small bit of that process in action as well. Overall, Fusion has been a great learning experience. I wish I could stick around to see all of the neat projects they get to work on unfold!