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She Believed She Could So She Did

Swani Posted by Swani She Believed She Could So She Did

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Ever believed in something so strongly that when it happened, you actually felt like you made the Universe make it happen? Like in a creepy-good way? I’ve experienced this a few distinct times in my life, and getting this position at Fusion was one of them. 

Rewind six years. My dear friend (and now colleague) Barrett and I were working together at Earls. He came in for his shift one day, on cloud nine, telling me about the amazing job he landed at Fusion. I had heard of the agency but didn’t know a lot about them. So I researched them, followed them, and quickly became a fan of Fusion’s work and their corporate culture. I became downright envious of his job.

Fast forward to 2013. In those six years I finished my communications degree, had two babies, worked three lack-lustre corporate jobs, launched my jewelry line, and most recently, successfully started my jewelry company Barnswallow. But there was something missing. That feeling of being a part of a bigger picture, of using my skills in a setting with like-minded, creative people, the sharing of ideas and the gratification of finding success in my field of study.

Right in the middle of a crazy day in the studio, designing custom orders and totally submersed in my craft…a Facebook open call from Barrett: “Fusion is hiring an Account Manger! Apply today!”

“OK!”, I said.

But I knew this application had to be different. I was going old school.

I printed my full-colour graphic resume that I designed onto ivory 80lb iridescent cover stock, got dressed to the hilt, and went down to Fusion’s incredible space to (hopefully) pass my resume along to someone other than a gatekeeper. It was a risk because most companies want resumes delivered via email, and don’t have the time to accept them in person. But I was going with my gut on this one.

When I got to the office there was a cute little bell to ring for service. “Ding!” And out walked (whom I later learned was Claudine) the warmest, kindest face I could hope for. She politely took my resume and I crossed my digits.

As you may have guessed it all worked out because I’m sitting here writing to you from the Fusion blog. I believed I could be a jewelry designer and so I became one, and I believed I would one day work at this dynamic, fun agency, and here I am.

Life pulls us in so many directions that it’s hard to know what signals to listen to and which ones may be deceptive. But when you know something is right, you go for it, and it will never be a mistake. 

I’m so grateful that life has given me the opportunity to experience success in my jewelry company and finding a career that’s a perfect fit for my skillset, qualifications, and experience. Two dreams don’t collide very often. 

With essentially two careers and a family to manage, life is very busy, but never dull. I’m a wife to my incredibly supportive husband Tom and mom to my sweet boy Tavish (5) and delightful daughter Taryn (3.5).

This is exactly where I want to be, and all the credit goes to a simple, yet powerful belief.

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Except that in reality we're "Co-workers by choice - friends by choice"! ;)

Posted by: Swani | July 9, 2015

So many dreams remain dreams. But to make a dream come true takes following your heart, like you say Swani, and also to be fearless, to never give up, and know that when the time is right everything will fall into place. A perfect life lesson! I know how hard you have worked to make your dreams come true and I'm very proud of you! Fusion is fortunate to have you!

Posted by: Betty Lindsay | July 9, 2015

Does your business do social media – or are you a social business?

Leighton Posted by Leighton

(BTW - it's not just semantics)

The distinction is VERY important. Whereas option #1 is merely something you do when you can spare a moment or maybe go out and hire a student to do, option #2 is something you must actually become - it's transformational and it's the missing piece in the social media puzzle. Finally!

We've been very busy in the social marketing space over the past couple of years and have learned a lot - not only how to manage it, but, more importantly, how to make it succeed and we're happy to share that knowledge.

So, next week we're unleashing our very own Barrett Peitsch to share how social branding could actually determine the future of your organization. As part of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber U, this October 15th lunchtime learning opportunity will take the focus beyond ‘just’ social media to the underlying consumer dynamics and resulting strategies that translate into critical competitive advantage and new opportunities.

Barrett will demonstrate what it means to be a social brand with examples from our catalogue of brand-building success. He’ll share what we've learned in a way that translates into practical advice, tips and approaches you can use to create success for your business.

Register at: http://www.winnipeg-chamber.com/wcevents/eventdetail.aspx?eventid=56800

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