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Thinking About the Box

Alex Posted by Alex Thinking About the Box

Everyone is always talking about ‘thinking outside the box’. You’ve probably heard that phrase as many times as I have. But what is this box? What's 'inside' and what's 'outside'?

Last week I finally made it to the Da Vinci Exhibition at the MTS Centre Exhibition Hall. His ideas and sketches astonished me. But the one I couldn't take my eyes off was the famous The Vitruvian Man sketch that I've seen many times before. It is a drawing of a male figure standing inside a square with a circle around it.

I already knew that the sketch showed the golden ratio in the human body, but now I found out something new. The square in Da Vinci's sketch is said to represent the material world, while the circle around it stands for the spiritual. This made me think – what if the square was ‘the box’ and the circle was ‘outside the box’? What if the square is what we are familiar with in the material world and the circle stands for our feelings, emotions and set of beliefs?

As I was staring at the stretched arms of the figure, I suddenly realized that 'thinking outside the box' had nothing to do with the 'inside' or 'outside' territory of the square. Drawing entirely on the spiritual world, doesn't mean being progressive; being efficient doesn't mean being a 'square'. 'Thinking outside the box' is about the osculation points between the circle and the square; we can reach these points if we stretch our arms widely like Da Vinci’s figure. It's all about incorporating both the spiritual and the material; it's about combining the emotional with the physical.

Looking for, and eventually finding the right balance between what people know and what they feel is what generates great ideas (and consequently great products for our clients). So what's outside the box? It's a mix of everything.


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Great post Alex. Good advice to keep in mind when we're developing new concepts and ideas for our clients. And now I for sure have to go check out the exhibit!

Posted by: Barrett | July 10, 2015

I like your thought process around this Alex - great blog posts make me sit and think...which is what I'm doing right now! Thanks for the insight.


Posted by: Lenore@Lather.Write.Repeat. | July 10, 2015


Lorraine Posted by Lorraine BAAAAABIES!

Fusion is happy to announce that there will soon be a new addition to our Fusion family!

Susanne, our Account Manager/Business Development Specialist, and her husband Travis are expecting their second child this December and we couldn’t be happier for them. Downside? It means that we are going to have to cope without her for a year (eeek!) but also means that all the Fusionites get to try their luck with a baby pool.

It is tradition at Fusion that we make a baby pool for little every little pooper joining the family. We bet on the gender, weight, date and size of the baby. Each bet costs and in the end, the closest bet wins half of the prize money and the other half goes towards buying that adorable rugrat as many gifts as possible!

So, if you feel like you would like to take a guess of your own, or would like to congratulate Susanne in person, everyone is welcome.

Let the guessing begin!

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This is crtasyl clear. Thanks for taking the time!

Posted by: Antonela | July 10, 2015

That's really thinking of the highest order

Posted by: http://seattleautoinsurance.org/car-insurance-usa-tips.html | July 22, 2015

More than a television commercial

Gagan Posted by Gagan

I live. I Choose. Local.

This fall we launched a new campaign for our client Assiniboine Credit Union. The underlying theme of the campaign is ‘I live. I choose. Local.’

ACU is a CSR organization and a staunch local supporter. It’s leading the way in offering products, services to its members that are inspired by local needs and supports businesses that help in local development.

Making a television commercial for this campaign was probably as exciting as any other commercial but what made this one special is the sentiment behind it that we all passionately share, here at Fusion. At Fusion we all believe in the power of ‘Local’. Whether it’s picking local produce, supporting local artists or aligning with organizations that support local. When it comes to being local, we love to walk the talk.

Our lives are shaped by the choices we make. And when these choices are local, they are not only good for us but also for people around us and the environment we live in.

Being local is having a conscious mandate of being self-reliant. It’s about supporting each other. It’s about cooperation. It’s about thriving together. There’s a greater philosophy in living local.

Living local not just about buying vegetables from local farmers market or picking bread from a local bakery, but it's a good start anyhow.

So next time you’re making a choice… Choose local.

Winnipeggers love their festivals!

Lorraine Posted by Lorraine Winnipeggers love their festivals!

At Fusion we love to support local, whether it be buying local produce, supporting local artists or taking part in local events. This is why it was very exciting to work with the Downtown Winnipeg Biz on the naming identity for ManyFest.

ManyFest, formally known as Five Events One Weekend, was renamed this year to better represent the event for years to come as it grows and changes. And is it ever growing! The event was estimated to have 35,000 attendees this year, up from last year’s estimated 30,000. Every year it seems to just get bigger and better, so if you missed it, don't fret, there is always next year!

Interested? Read more: Downtown Biz Press Release or visit www.manyfest.ca