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Happy First Long Weekend of Summer!

Kathryn Posted by Kathryn

Well, we can only hope that it’s the first long weekend of summer… I think it did get down to 0 Celsius last night!?! At least it’s too cold for mosquitoes – count your blessings.

Did you know that Canada is the only country that commemorates Queen Victoria with an official holiday? It is also recognized in parts of Scotland, but it is not a bank holiday.

So however you plan on spending the weekend, whether it’s working in your garden, opening the cottage, hosting a barbeque or picnic, riding your bike, or spending any time outside enjoying the warm sun, we wish you a relaxing Victoria Day weekend.


Morris Posted by Morris

 So I have to admit I have this thing for chairs. They really turn me on (especially old chairs) and I really like having them. We have way more chairs at home than bums to put in them. Waaaay more.

The collection I have is eclectic – a 1950’s Krug stenographer chair (it’s cute); an early 20th century rocker and matching armchair that look like Stickley (they’re not, but they are square-jawed handsome); a little turned Victorian armless rocker with hand carvings from the late 1800’s (quite country proper) – and many others.

I aspire one day, if the lottery numbers ever come up right, to own a George Nakashima piece.

I often go to the library and read books about chairs. I even own a piece of art titled A Monkey in a Big Chair.

The chair featured above was made by a Brazilian designer named Julia Krantz. It’s exceptionally beautiful (my opinion) and sculpted completely by hand. It also looks to me like it would be great to have a sit in. This one is another lottery ticket dream.

Chairs, like the work we aim to do on a daily basis at Fusion, need to strike a perfect balance between form and function to be great. I wouldn’t want to deliver something beautiful to a client if I didn’t think it could garner good results for their business and I don’t want chairs that look good but hurt my ass. (Can I use the word ass on the Fusion blog?)

I think being a fan of great work across all disciplines of design can only help a graphic designer in the advertising business.

I also have a small collection of tin snips. But that’s a fetish post for another time.

Shameless Promotion

Morris Posted by Morris

 The annual Open House portfolio show for graduating graphic design students happens this week at Red River College.

For the past few months I’ve been meeting weekly with a young talent named Andrea Tria, serving as a mentor while she completed her studies in advanced graphic design. My role has mostly been sounding board and confidence builder. The day we first sat down to meet it was clear to me that her ability to ideate and the skills to expertly execute those ideas were already firmly in place.

The winner of The Terry Kuzina Memorial Student Award for Graphic Design in 2013, Andrea is a deep thinker, great with words, and is an extremely hard worker. She especially loves paper, publications and typography but is equally strong in print, video and new media. I think she has a bright future in advertising and design.

Here’s a sampling of her work. If you can’t make it down to the RRC Princess Street campus on May 8th (4:30-8:30pm) her complete portfolio can be seen at andreatria.com (though it’s definitely worth seeing the entire Open House show in person).

And while on the topic of futures in graphic design…congratulations go out to Abra West, the 2014 winner of The Terry Kuzina Memorial Student Award for Graphic Design (terrykuzina.com). Abra, pictured below between Theresa and Debbie Kuzina, received her award during a ceremony at Red River College on April 23rd. We’re looking forward to seeing where the next school year takes Abra and her portfolio.