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Morris Posted by Morris

This is a story about a logo I designed at Fusion, during some down time, that almost no one at Fusion knows anything about.

I have this friend. His name is Rob. His family all call him Robert, but in our circle he’s always been Rob. Or Bob. Or Bobert. Or Rahib. Or Rahyoob. But never Robert.

Rob and I became friends through our obsessions with the sports we played and watched a long, long time ago. We’ve been friends for more than thirty years.

Rob and his wife have three kids. All three are athletes themselves. Rob called one day last year to see if I could help with his daughter Jamie’s team, the Roadrunner Track Club. They needed new uniforms and he thought I might know some people who supplied stuff like that. He also invited me to design them a new logo if I wanted and if I had the time. I said yes to both without thinking once, and insisted my part would be no charge.

I wound up designing what I thought was a pretty good new logo. The stylized bird looked like it was moving really fast even when it was standing still.

And the Roadrunners hated it.

After some constructive feedback from the team I did a second logo, which was a huge hit. I have to admit that the winner was a clip art bird that I reworked, added some sporty type to and sent off to the races.

I got an e-mail from Rob recently with two photos attached. The picture above is his wife and daughters modelling the Roadrunners track tops. He said they’re the nicest unies at the meets. That was nice of him to say. The second photo is this one. Jamie with the rewards from her first ever win on the track.

This picture is Fusion’s reward for letting me do a freebie for a friend on company time. Win. Win.

What others had to say:

Awesome story. Thanks. Now I need to see your first logo!

Posted by: Dave Wilkie | July 9, 2015

Way to go Jamie and way to go, Morris! Good work all around.

Posted by: Claudine | July 9, 2015

Get. Out.

Claudine Posted by Claudine Get. Out.

 The 30x30.davidsuzuki.org/ Nature Challenge is coming to a close soon, but we can make a weekend of it here in the 'Peg.

This weekend, hug a tree, or climb a tree, or make something out of a tree at Arbor Day celebrations at Assiniboine Park:

From the Free Press:
Climb some trees
When was the last time you climbed a tree? When was the last time you were hoisted into a tree on a bucket trunk? Tree-climbing and rides are just the beginning at the Arbor Day celebrations at Assiniboine Park on Sunday, May 25. Storytelling, tree-planting sessions, woodturning demonstrations, crafts and guided riparian forest tours will also happen throughout the day -- plus, tons of cool prizes will be handed out.

Link to full schedule here: cms.tng-secure.com/file_download.php

There’s also a lot of cool stuff to see with Doors Open this weekend, including walking tours: doorsopenwinnipeg.ca/events.php.

Have a great weekend!

Think Pink!

Florence Posted by Florence Think Pink!

All of us know someone that has been affected by breast cancer - mothers, sisters, friends, aunts, grandmas. Last year in Canada, it was the most common form of cancer in women over 20. But the good news is that due to screening, advanced technology and improved treatment, more women are surviving than ever before.

That's why we're honoured to once again partner with the Cure Foundation and participate in National Denim Day. Funds raised on this day help create resources that will improve the outcome for those affected by breast cancer. Last year’s Denim Day raised over $1.6 million!

However, you may notice that we're not wearing denim. Since we do that almost every day, we decided to choose another theme - pink. From pink bracelets, to shirts, to shoes, we came dressed in whatever pink we had in our closets to show our support. It’s just a little way we can join in the fight against breast cancer.

If you’d like to learn more about the Cure Foundation, National Denim Day, or make a donation, check out their website.


New faces at Fusion

Leighton Posted by Leighton New faces at Fusion

Bill and James

There's lots of excitement around the office these days as Fusion welcomes two more talented Winnipeggers who have decided to make Fusion their work-home.

Bill Reburn is returning to the advertising world after a few years away and, so far, doesn't seem to have lost a step. Bill's background is a unique one: graphic designer turned account director with a whole lot of sales work mixed in. At Fusion, he'll be working hard at business development; helping to keep our relentless, ever-hungry team well-fed with new challenges.

James Diato, a second-year Graphic Design student at Red River College, has joined us for the summer, filling in for Kathryn Balacko who is taking some time off to recover from her aneurysm. James recently completed a work placement at Fusion and, since that went really well, it seemed only natural that he stick around and just keep on working!

Welcome, Bill and James, it's great to have you join our team!

How bout this weather!?

Lorraine Posted by Lorraine

I don't think that I am alone in saying that I am sick of it. Not only am I sick of the weather, I am sick of hearing about the weather. Heck, I am even sick of complaining about it. I know that it is not just me, it is everyone's favourite topic to complain about. Even the churches in my neighbourhood are getting their hate-on.

Well today I saw the light. I was inspired when a coworker told me that today was the first day of David Suzuki's 30 x 30 Nature Challenge. (read about it here). The gist of it is that you are supposed to spend at least 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 consecutive days. Well David Suzuki... to that I say, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Looking out the window, this obviously sounds like a terrible idea, but I have decided that I am taking a stand. I am going to wear my summer dresses, I am putting away the socks and pulling out the flats. I will take walks, I will ride bikes and I will spend my spare time outdoors - gosh darn it! The way that I see it, there are two ways that this could go: I could either get hypothermia (probable) or I trick Mother Nature into believing that it is summer by acting a-fool and pretending it is summer (solid theory). I challenge you to do the same. Strength in numbers, folks.

Another benefit: The David Suzuki Foundation website tells me that nature makes you smarter and nicer. So even if we can't coax out summer with our poor wardrobe planning...the world will be full of better people. I still consider that a win.

Happy summer friends!


What others had to say:

Best blog post ever.

Posted by: Kara | May 1, 2013

I'm with you, Lorraine! Let's do this. Take that, Mother Nature.

Posted by: Claudine | May 1, 2013