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March Madness

Claudine Posted by Claudine March Madness

March was for small joys – from green beer and $2 scratch card wins, to small babies who stopped by for a visit. Congratulations to Misha, Grant, and big brother and big sister David and Lizzie on their new family member. Baby Lukas was born Monday March 3. He was 20.5 in. and 9 lbs 7 oz. We miss you, Misha! Thanks for introducing us to your beautiful baby boy (centre photo).

The rest of the images (clockwise from top left): Haley enjoys a green brew on St. Patrick's Day. Rob and Violet take a break with a Care Bear - the object of our St. Pat's scavenger hunt.

There was a little colour on Claudine's desk, courtesy a clipping from Swani's flowering plant and macarons from the Red River Culinary students in neighbourhood.

We were also treated to a Lunch & Learn from Raewyn Sleeman, a senior advisor in direct marketing with Canada Post. She shared valuable information to help us serve our clients' direct mail needs.

Former Fusion writer, Lenore, brought her baby Huck for a visit. Huck and Flo's pup, Max, became new best friends.

Morris won $2 on a scratch ticket, a prize for the winning scavenger hunt team. He didn't split the prize with his teammates, in case you were wondering.

Swani was decked out in green for March 17.

... And we closed off the month with our traditional pot luck lunch, including homemade pizza by Flo.

We're looking forward to April's adventures!

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Awww, miss you guys...

Posted by: Leighton | March 31, 2014


Rob Posted by Rob

Gran Turismo 6 Trailer

Let me start off with a warning: car related post!

As my profile picture suggests, I’m a car nut. One extension of this obsession for anything automobile lives in the digital realm - more specifically on my PlayStation 3. Gran Turismo is the legendary racing simulator series that began to change what a Racing video game is, that dates all the way back to its birth on the original PlayStation in 1998. I was in grade 8!!

16 years later and slightly more mature, I am even more submersed in the Gran Turismo culture than I had ever thought I would be. The reason why is with the latest and greatest iteration, Gran Turismo 6, it isn’t just simulating driving anymore; it IS driving.

Hmm, how is this possible? Its just a game... but it isn’t with the right tools. The standard link from human to digital is the PlayStation 3 controller which comes with every system. This connection does nothing to actually resemble the real life link from human to car.

Enter the Driving Force GT steering wheel and pedals! This steering wheel controller setup opens up a chamber of the game that a casual gamer will simply not get to. I realized this past week, I was only experiencing about 25% of the games potential without it. With the steering wheel controller, the game now communicates to the gamer in many ways that racing a car in real life will. I race my Honda S2000 during the summer months at Autocross and I can attest; the game truly does FEEL.

Kudos if you’ve read this far. Let’s kick up the nerd scale to finish this one off! Communication between the game (car) to the gamer, and from the gamer back to the game (car) is astonishing. I can feel the car oversteer / understeer, I can feel undulations in the racetrack affecting grip and balance. Throttle modulation, turn-in, short shifting, clipping through downshifts, crushing upshifts, dancing with a car on its raged edge of grip - its all there and its utterly wonderful. Much like racing my S2000, the game manages to put a grin on my face from ear to ear and can elicit release of high doses of adrenaline to boot. After notching my first win at the superlative 15+ mile track, Nurbergring (nicknamed 'The Green Hell’), located in Germany, I found it releases sweat too! My right foot is actually sore today...

What's truly brilliant though, is the lasting impression the game will leave on the gamer. Gran Turismo 6 is actually teaching me to be a better driver. After only one week with the steering wheel, I have a new level of understanding for the cars I've piloted and tracks I’ve navigated. I’ve worked on real life skill sets such as reaction times to snap oversteer, left foot breaking and looking ahead. I also believe that I can say now I know a little bit about the difference between driving a Ferrari 458 Italia vs a Lexus LFA for example. The game so accurately recreates real life driving experiences, I get a sense of each cars dynamics and how one another have their own unique personalities and tendancies.

I’m sorry guys, I really am a geek. I’ll wrap it up here - I’m sure this review has done more than ‘simulate’ boredom in many readers minds. If I call in sick this week, please don’t tell Pete the real reason why...

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No need to apologize for being super passionate about the things you love. Great post!

Posted by: Albertine | July 9, 2015

Vroom! Vroom! No warning necessary - I look forward to more car-related posts!

Posted by: Claudine | July 9, 2015

Train the Trainer?

Theresa Posted by Theresa

Guest Post by Dolores Marchand

So, I was asked if I wanted to contribute to the Fusion Blog and of course my answer was an immediate “Sure”, followed by that internal voice saying “Really, are you crazy?” It was also suggested I try to speak to a latest trend in marketing, or another topic that could enlighten our vast array of followers, rather than something like Fusion’s amazing culture or dog park atmosphere or other touchy-feely stuff. Right!

With panic setting in, I kept my eyes and ears open for just the right fit for me when I came across an intriguing article posted on Medium.com. I love this website for the diversity of stories, the passion of the writers, and the posted reading commitment for each story. Which is where I came across, what else, but a story about a dog. The reason this was a real score was not only could we at Fusion and most other dog owners out there relate to this, but it was about how to succeed in business. The author, Ryan Holmes of the billion dollar company Hootsuite, shares with us the lessons he has learned from his dog Mika that have helped him become the crazy successful entrepreneur that he is.

The intuitive lessons are as follows:

1. Be loyal
2. Trust your instincts
3. Know what you want and be persistent
4. If you are going to do it, do it 110%
5. Unplug, go outside and play

These are powerful words to live and love by, which we at Fusion, both human and canine, strive for. Check out the full article on Medium.com.

Now I believe I have taken care of points 1-4 by completing this post, so now it is time to unplug, go outside and play.

Max, my inspiration.

Attachment to Social Media Brands

Dave Posted by Dave Attachment to Social Media Brands

Facebook is on top in a new survey by UTA Brand Studio and uSamp in the category of "attachment to a brand". That refers to the degree to which people believe a brand is like themselves and the degree to which thoughts and feelings about a brand come to mind. Research from USC Marshall School of Business suggests that attachment is a better predictor of customer loyalty and customer evangelism.

Instagram came in second, unless you are over 45, where it's fifth and Youtube is second. Instagram is actually number one for the 25 and under crowd. I guess that's why Facebook bought Instagram.

The most surprising find was with Twitter. In the 25 to 44 age group, it ranked tenth, but six of ten people say they use it. Also surprising to me is how low Facebook ranks among men.

Predictably, Youtube scored well. It's hard not find videos to "attach" to on Youtube, which would cause people to rank it higher.

Brands that show the most potential based on Brand Dependance values were Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr and Vine.


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I'm not attached - I'm addicted! :)

Posted by: Claudine | March 12, 2014

Social Slang

Haley Posted by Haley



You’re “up on the times” right?


Well, here’s a test:




For those of you who did the head tilt/eyebrow scrunch, followed by Google search, you’re not alone! Abbreviations, acronyms and hashtags are popping up all over social media, leaving (most of) us not-so “up on the times”.

Since full sentences are apparently, so five years ago, here is a list of social slang to bring you up to date:

#AAMOF: As a matter of fact
#CMIIW: Correct me if I’m wrong
DERP: A response to a dumb comment
#FOMO: Fear of missing out
#FTTB: For the time being
#FTW: For the win
#GOMB: Get off my back
#HYFR: Heck right, freakin’ yeah (NOTE: PG version)
#ICYMI: In case you missed it
#IFSFY: I feel sorry for you
#IMO: In my opinion
#KHYF: Know how you feel
#KOTL: Kiss on the lips
#LBVS: Laughing but very serious
#LMS: “Like” my status
#LNT: Leave no trace
#LOL: Laugh out loud OR Lots of love (NOTE: There is a difference, see below)

#MCM: Man crush Monday
#MFW: My face when…
#NIMBY: Not in my backyard
#NOYB: None of your business
#NSFW: Not safe for work
#OOMF: One of my followers
#OOTD: Outfit of the day
#POTUS: President of the United States
RATCHET: Undesirable
#RT: Retweet
#SMH: Shake my head
#TBH: To be honest
#TBT: Throw back Thursday
#TT: Trending topic
USA: United States of America…derp!
#WCW: Woman crush Wednesday
#WIWT: What I wore today
#YMCMB: Young money cash money billionaires…ha!
#YKTS: You know the score
#YOLO: You only live once
#143: I love you

There, now when the time comes you can be a “cool” dad/mom.



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LOLs and LOL to U for writing this, Haley! I feel so SMRT! http://youtu.be/tcGQpjCztgA

Posted by: Claudine | July 9, 2015

Major thanks for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

Posted by: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SilverJewelryArcade | August 3, 2015