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When lowest isn’t good enough.

Brooke Posted by Brooke

I go to the farmers market every week. It’s something we are lucky to do year-round in Hawaii (insert rub-it-in smile here). Like many shoppers, we love to buy local, fresh organic produce and I’ve noticed recently that more and more farmers these days are selling organic, and the quality is great across the board. So how do I choose which farmer to buy from? Well, since prices are so similar and I didn’t personally know any of the farmers, I chose the one with the really nice display – the wooden shelving, kale waving proudly from woven baskets, red tomatoes stacked neatly, and a beautiful sign.

I went with the one that got my attention.

Getting creative in a world of steep competition is important for survival. Stand out. Engage. Be memorable. Or disappear among the clutter and have your delicious, organic kale wilt with the rest of ’em.

That was our challenge during one of the most competitively low mortgage seasons Winnipeg has had in a long time. Banks and Credit Unions were dropping digits down to new lows and the advertising was all looking the same – low rate plus copy, plus logo. Assiniboine Credit Union had a great rate, but we couldn’t just hang our hat on the rate alone, we needed to get creative about it.

We drew on a simple on-brand headline “Our Lowest Rate Mortgage” that allowed for all kinds of ideas to flow along the lines of ‘lowest’. The print ad that appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press for example allowed us to play with literally dropping the rate through a made-up article. It was a simple idea but met our mission to stand out amongst the other ads. Even if you were skimming ads and only reading articles, it caught attention.

The buzz about the ad ran the gamut from memorable enough to make a comment, confused enough to call the press to let them know there was something wrong with the ad, to even a little disgruntled over the intentionally illegible article. That reader buzz in-turn fueled a WFP article on low rate mortgages that referred to Assiniboine Credit Union’s Lowest Rate Mortgage.

The point here, people were talking, the ad stood out.

The great thing about my choice in the farmer with the pretty sign, wooden stands and meticulously placed produce? She was as good as she advertised – friendly, fresh food, local and the best part? She remembers my name. The same line can be drawn to ACU – despite creative and engaging advertising, they deliver on their promise and create loyal customers.


Interested in reading the Winnipeg Free Press article and comments? Click here.

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But come home soon!

Excellent article. I can taste the market's goodies.


Posted by: Dave | July 10, 2015

Despite of your apparent love for kale, everything in your post is dead on. Be memorable. Stand out. Provide great service. To do otherwise is to be run of the mill, or worse, gone.

Posted by: Julian | July 10, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Lorraine Posted by Lorraine Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home by Anja Studer

Well folks, Fusion is glowing with pride as our very own, talented Anja Studer is celebrating her very first art exhibition this Thursday at the cre8ery gallery. It's a collection compiled of original paintings and photography by Anja inspired by her Swiss homeland. Of course this means that we have to say goodbye to a beautiful piece of art that has been decorating our office for the past few months, but we are excited to share it with the rest of you!

Home Sweet Home is a series inspired by a need to express her feelings about her Swiss roots and surroundings. The works reflect a collection of events and influences in her life from cherished childhood memories to the hardships of living abroad. She explores the meaning of Heimat (home) by asking herself, "What does she miss the most? What does her heart say?" In doing so, she is discovering how deeply connected her identity is to Switzerland. Living abroad can be lonely and leave you feeling like an outsider, not belonging in either place. Through this series she is embracing and celebrating her Swiss heritage and rediscovering herself as a Swiss living in Canada.

Opening night is this Thursday at the cre8ery gallery, running from March 22 - April 3. There will be food and drinks and traditional Swiss music opening night, so come check it out. Enjoy some Swiss fun and maybe take home a great piece of art!