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Haley's summer holiday(?)

Leighton Posted by Leighton Haley's summer holiday(?)

Haley Proctor

University of North Dakota student (and Lockport, MB native) Haley Proctor has landed at Fusion for a summer internship. In her third year of studies toward a degree in communications, Haley showed up at just the right moment and with just the right skills. Her 'get it done' attitude has helped her fit right in and she's doing a great job at the front desk.

Welcome to Fusion, Haley!!

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Move Over Elvis

Brooke Posted by Brooke

Any occasion in Hawaii calls for an Aloha shirt - a collared, short-sleeved shirt, worn un-tucked and usually has bright coloured floral or Polynesian pattern on it. They're equivalent to the long-sleeve with tie on the mainland. When I moved here, I thought aloha shirts were only for the outdated, ultra cheesy Hawaii tourists and Elvis. But I quickly learned that these shirts are the hallmark of special occasions, local pride, history and what it means to celebrate in Hawaii.

Wikipedia says: "Because Hawaii tends to be more casual, it is rarely appropriate to attend such functions in full evening wear like on the mainland; instead, Aloha Attire is seen as the happy medium between excessive formality and casual wear."

Plus, it's just too darn hot to wear a long-sleeved shirt with a tie!

When we first moved to Hilo, one of the shops that caught my design eye was the Sig Zane shop. Every season brought a new design installation in the storefront window. It was treated like artwork and less like a sales window, with story behind the setup. Inside the shop features wood floors, beams and shelving, beautiful displays and a genuine sense of quality and unique Hawaiian design.

I started noticing that any event I attended, every Sunday morning, every birthday party, had at least a handful of men in Sig Zane shirts. Best known for his simple one-colour, original, hand-cut, screenprinted aloha wear, Sig Zane designs have become synonymous with the Aloha shirt. Trust me, there's nothing cheesy about these ones. 

Story + Cloth from Sig Zane on Vimeo.

Sig Zane is a resident of Hilo, a native of O'ahu and his story with Sig Zane Designs evolved out of family, friends and a love for the culture and aina (land) of Hawaii. That's the great thing about business in Hawaii - even the most successful and biggest businesses are extremely family oriented and always grow out of a spirit of aloha.

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Great video. Thanks for sharing, Brooke.

Posted by: Kara | December 19, 2012

Love it! Going to have to try not to order a bunch of shirts now ...

Posted by: Julian | December 19, 2012

Andrea Katz comes home

Leighton Posted by Leighton Andrea Katz comes home

It’s really great when the talented ones decide to make a return to their roots! After a nine-year stint in Calgary, Andrea Katz has come home to Winnipeg. Most recently a key member of the marketing team at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Andrea brings her years of marketing savvy and unbelievable energy level to Fusion.

It’s a good thing she’s ambitious, because Andrea has taken on a dual role here; account manager and business development – a tall order for ANYONE, but she’s already shown she’s up for the task! Andrea brings an impressive resumé to Fusion; in addition to her time as Senior Marketing and Communications Strategist at Mount Royal, she has worked with some of the biggest bands in the world while at Universal Music Canada, has managed numerous ad campaigns for Boston Pizza and somewhere in there, she still finds time to be a fitness trainer. Not sure how she does it...

Andrea fits into the Fusion team beautifully and is now completely inundated with projects, proposals, leads and the general craziness that is part of life here.

Welcome to Fusion, Andrea!!

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Free B2B Marketing Metrics Seminar

Dave Posted by Dave Free B2B Marketing Metrics Seminar

MarkingProfs is offering a free seminar on "The Top Inbound Metrics for B2B Marketers" on Tuesday, January 26, 2012 at 11am CST. It will last about 60 minutes and it should provide some insight into cost effectively driving high-quality leads and growing your sales pipeline.

It is often difficult to demonstrate the effectiveness and ROI of inbound marketing efforts, while inbound leads from social media, SEO and PR often cost less and are easier to convert than efforts of traditional outbound campaigns.

Mark this date down and join experts Morgan Stewart and Uri Bar-Joseph to discover the top metrics you need to track to ensure that your efforts are as effective as they can be. Or talk to us at Fusion and we'll help you figure it all out.

Presenters: Morgan Stewart, Uri Bar-Joseph
Sponsor: Optify
When: Tue., Jun. 26, 2012, 12pm ET (9am PT)
Length: 60 minutes

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Fantastic article. Want more.

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Day Three: Serendipity

Theresa Posted by Theresa Day Three: Serendipity

With Michelle and Jody at the Business Fair

 Looking back at the day that was is a reminder that we’re always exactly where we need to be in that exact moment. What a day. So many amazing entrepreneurs, very excited about the possibilities.

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Congratulations on a successful WBE trip, Theresa!

Posted by: Jade | December 6, 2012

Luck is where opportunity meets preparation. We had both and had a very lucky day. Couldn't do it without my fabulous, brilliant women.

Posted by: Michelle Manary | December 6, 2012