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National Pride – Local Pride

Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon

With Canada Day tomorrow I love seeing Canadian flags flapping in people’s front yards and fluttering on their car antennas. It’s wonderful to see people proudly wearing the maple leaf on their chest and children donning Canada tattoos on their cheeks. And although we may not wear our flags all year long, it’s clear we are a very patriotic nation for more than just one day a year.

Canadian pride also makes me think about civic pride and how our love for Winnipeg has grown in the past year.

What a great time to live and work in Winnipeg and as we head into 2012 there are so many things to celebrate. The Canadian Museum of Human Rights taking shape, the launch of a new airport, a revitalized Assiniboine Park, a revamped Children’s museum and the return of our beloved Jets.

While working at Fusion I feel lucky to play a role in helping expand the pride in our community. Many of our clients are based here and play an important role in expanding our economy and it feels good to be part of that process.

So as the national anthem plays tomorrow I know I will be thinking about more than just Canada but also about Winnipeg’s ever expanding contribution to making this country a great place to live.

Happy Canada Day!

Social Media Growing with Middle-aged People

Dave Posted by Dave Social Media Growing with Middle-aged People

Pew Research has just released a study called “Social Networking Sites and our Lives,” by Hampton, Goulet, Rainie and Purcell.

It appears that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like are no longer the bastions of the youth of the world. From 2008 to 2010, social networking site users over 65 have grown from 2 to 6 percent and those aged 50-65 have grown over the same period from 9 to 20 percent of the total user audience.

This growth in the middle-aged and older segments has huge implications for brands and their marketing efforts. A good Facebook strategy can now target a significant number of customers older than 50. I would bet that next year, we’ll see similar if not ever greater growth.

Social networking is enhancing our relationships with people we haven’t seen for a long time and it is viral. When one friend starts, he or she hits all of their core friends and it keeps going. It revives dormant relationships, the report says.

This is great news for marketers. At Fusion, we have been getting increasingly great responses with the use of integrated and Fusion-managed social media strategies for many of our clients.

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Welcome back to Winnipeg, NHL. We'll miss you Manitoba Moose.

Dave Posted by Dave Welcome back to Winnipeg, NHL.      We'll miss you Manitoba Moose.

We, at Fusion, are so very excited to have the NHL back in Winnipeg. But it is very bittersweet. We are losing our friends and another passion...the Manitoba Moose. We have worked with the Manitoba Moose since before they moved into the MTS Centre and have thoroughly enjoyed being a little piece of their action.

Over time, we got to know the people that run the True North organization and are thrilled that they have succeeded in their many goals - building the MTS Centre to suit an NHL team, bringing the Moose to town, making them contenders and outselling not only the other AHL hockey teams, but also most other concert venues.

And then, the NHL team is back. What an amazing planned out sequence of events! Congratulations to the exceptional team, culture and optimism at True North. You can take credit for the greatest boost to our civic pride in many decades. 

But, dear Manitoba Moose, please remember us and continue your tradition in building a newfound pride in the city of St. John’s and giving them a wonderful new thrill...Hard Core Hockey as usual.

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National Win at the MACU Awards

Theresa Posted by Theresa

Yay! Fusion’s “Our Stories” TV commercial and branding campaign for Assiniboine Credit Union picked up two AIM (Achievement in Marketing) Awards at the MACU (Marketing Association of Credit Unions) gala recently held in Halifax. There were 167 entries - the most ever at the long-running national competition.

Over here we’re very excited to have received the nod both internationally (Telly) and nationally (AIM) for the TV spot, and so is our client! “I think I will always view our little TV spot as brilliant in its simplicity. I’m not the least bit surprised it stood out from the crowd and won.”

Number One on Google attracts 36 percent of Traffic

Dave Posted by Dave Number One on Google attracts 36 percent of Traffic

Working your SEO strategy to ensure that you rank number one on Google means, on average, you will get as much traffic as the second, third, fourth and fifth highest ranked positions combined. A study by Search Engine Watch found that the highest ranked website on Google received over 36% of the total traffic (organic search, not including ads), while second highest got only 12.5%. It pays to have a good Search Engine Optimization Strategy.