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5 Reasons Content is the New Currency

Dave Posted by Dave

Money can’t buy trust. But social media content can.

As our friends at Ogilvy & Mather said, “Sharing content helps us connect. Connection helps us engage. Engagement leads to a relationship. Relationships lead to friendship and possibly endearment. In the industrial economy, we congregated in front of the TV, read newspapers and magazines, gathered around the radio and saw signage that told what to believe. In the sharing economy, technology has allowed us to connect, engage, question, critique, criticize or concur. Humans are social animals, and we still need something to spur connection. Content acts as that stimulant. Content is our true currency.”

The 5 Reasons...

A hui hou

Brooke Posted by Brooke

Recently I have been learning that there's a much thinner line between "work" and "friends" than I had originally been taught. That when I'm doing what I love to do, work does not feel like work and co-workers are actually just friends who like doing the same things you do. This makes "work" much more fun, I think.

That's why my "last day" at Fusion is likely not my last, it's just the last like this one. None-the-less, my friends threw a goodbye Skype party for me today, ate food in front of me while I opened a special gift they sent across the ocean, timed just perfectly for this little party. Here's a special day-in-the-life picture of what it's like to tele-commute:

It was more fun than it looks :) And even though I was all the way over here, and they were all the way over there, on the other side of the screen, it was so sweet.

I have been at Fusion for over 6 years now. 3 of them, I was working in the agency alongside everyone. I literally grew up there and had the opportunity to learn from some of the best Creative Directors, Designers, Account Managers, Media Buyers, Business Owners, etc. in the city. I consider myself to be so lucky!

I have a card full of beautiful handwritten good-bye's from my Fusion family that further blurs the distinction between coworkers and friends, and I love that.

So "a hui hou" Fusion. Until we meet again.


What others had to say:

Even though I think we only 'physically' worked together for 3 months, I will definitely miss you in the office! And hopefully one day we'll make it down to Hawaii, or our paths will cross back here in Winnipeg. :)

Posted by: Flo | July 9, 2015

Thank you ever so for you article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

Posted by: https://sites.google.com/site/onlinevideocreationservices/an | July 17, 2015

A Retrospective, A Mid-Life Crisis, or Just a Look Back

Kara Posted by Kara

A couple months ago, I marked the 9th anniversary of my time at Fusion. When this was mentioned around the office, Morris said to me "You mean I've known you for a third of your life?" and as it turns out – he was right.

Nine years ago, at the ripe age of 21, I graduated from college and a week later I took up my first "real job" at Fusion. At the time, I felt a lot like a clueless kid trying to pretend I wasn't a clueless kid. But I pulled up my chair, faked confidence, absorbed everything I could from the smarter people around me, and pretended to know things I didn't know while furiously figuring them out before anyone knew I was bluffing. I guess it worked, because I never got fired.

Now, when Claudine suggested yesterday that I put together a "favourite work from the past nine years at Fusion" post, I felt a little like Justin Bieber doing a memoir at the wise age of 20 (is he even 20?). But hey - if The Biebs can do it, so can I. So, behold some of my favourites from the time between "then" and "now". I'm happy to say I have learned a few things along the way, and am faking it a lot less often now.

This fundraising brochure for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights was one of the first things I got to work on at Fusion. It was designed by Terry and I do not in any way want to take credit for its beauty, but as a junior designer, I was overjoyed to just get to take his started vision and run with it. And what a run it was, because look - blind emboss! Not one, but two, varnishes! Special inserts and fold out panels! Welcome to designer heaven – it never happens, so when it does you must relish in the glory of it. 

This annual report for Destination Winnipeg was the first big thing that I got to do on my own, from concept to completion. (I even got to sneak in an emboss AND a varnish again.) I was pretty excited about and happy with the report myself and the fact that this won a national award was pretty cool for me, but the thing that really blew my mind and filled me with pride was Leighton telling me that Terry had said that he was "impressed" with it. I'll never forget hearing that.

This little booklet was a self-promo mailer for Fusion and is definitely one of my favourite projects to work on. We were under a time-crunch to get this produced and I remember coming in one morning and sitting down in the boardroom with the team, and telling them "So, I was brainstorming for this last night and it was late and I was tired so maybe I'm crazy but, like, what about we do a flip book that reads two different stories from each side, and one side is from our perspecive and the other side is from the client's perspective, and they meet up in the middle to show how they're meant to be together and also – it's a circus theme. Who's with me?" And to their credit, not one person in that room told me I was insane, and instead we ran with this fairly off-kilter idea and turned it into the cutest little book that I had a blast designing. Working overtime has never been so fun.


Lastly, I could never pick just one St. Vital Centre campaign or piece as THE favourite, but here are three of my personal faves from the archives. Much of my time over the last few years has been spent on this one client's work - and what a client it is! They are always so open to any new or crazy idea we dream up, and the team I've worked with for the St. Vital Centre account over the years has made me love every minute. Ok, so some of those minutes were pretty crazy and maybe hard to love, but when you're working with a great group of friends, it's easy to look past that.

In closing: I realize it is only Thursday, but let's pretend it's Friday, raise a glass, and say "Cheers!" Cheers to the past and what has been, and also to the future, and the exciting times ahead.




What others had to say:

Some amazing work Kara. Cheers to the future!

Posted by: Julian | May 9, 2016

It's crazy to look back at some of the awesome, crazy, frustrating and amazing work you've been able to be part of.
I had never heard the story about the Lion Tamer book! That's awesome.
We'll definitely miss you here!

Posted by: Flo | May 9, 2016