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A Delicious Thank You

Lenore Posted by Lenore A Delicious Thank You

Check out this amazing bouquet of tasty treats we received this morning from our lovely friends over at daCapo! Talk about a welcome to the neighborhood....it's like they knocked on our door with a homemade pie (er, fruit bouquet).

The arrangement was devoured in about 2.5 seconds over here (we're known to jump all over the communal food) but I did manage to snap a few pics to share with my new Hipstamatic Iphone App. So so good.

Thanks daCapo and we're so glad to be your neighbor!

Yours Truly...

Kara Posted by Kara

Every year, St. Vital Centre hosts the annual Christmas Miracle toy drive, a yearly fundraiser (put on by the Christmas Cheer Board and sponsored by TD Bank, BOB FM, CURVE and St. Vital Centre) that raises cash and toys for less fortunate local children. The toys that come in are stacked together, resulting in a giant pile by the end of the event.

This year, we thought it would be neat to capture that pile as it grew, giving Winnipeggers a new perspective of the scope of what they are a part of each and every year. Working with Denise Meilleur, we mounted a camera that automatically photographed the growing toy pile every half hour throughout the three-day event. At the same time, we also photographed the
various volunteers, radio personalities and gift-givers who came by. This footage was brought together into a short motion piece, featuring animation of some statistics and photos from the weekend and culminating with a stop motion look at the pile as it grows from a couple of small boxes to a giant pile of Christmas Cheer for boys and girls in Winnipeg.

We're thrilled with the result and the process that led up to it. There couldn't be a better way to wrap up the Christmas portion of the "Yours Truly" campaign than with this thank you note from St. Vital Centre to everyone involved. It's been a great holiday theme and we look forward to the upcoming Spring 2011campaign. Keep your eye out for it!

Step Up

Leighton Posted by Leighton

Like everyone else, I get frustrated when things happen that make life more difficult in our profession. When I hear about another local account being awarded to an out-of-town agency, it bothers me – the pie just seems to get smaller and smaller. When a talented member of our local creative community moves on to greener pastures and bigger opportunities, I lament the loss. We need all the great talent we can get!

There’s been a lot of discussion on ‘the drain’ in the local media lately and a number of people in the industry have gone on record to vent their frustration (and point fingers).

Maybe I’m just getting old, but I’ve heard this same story so many times over the years, it’s really starting to bug me. Perhaps what has to happen is that we all, as creative professionals, need to consider the possibility that if we want to win those great projects, we need to get better at what we do.

We’ve all heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting the outcome to change. If that’s true, there may be good reason for our industry to question it’s collective sanity. Of course we want the great contracts to come our way; we want amazing talent to flow into Winnipeg instead of away from Winnipeg, and then stay here forever – all that good stuff! We want the equation to change in our favour, but we often don’t demonstrate a willingness to step up and earn it; it’s much easier to be angry.

So, I’ve got an idea: instead of complaining about falling short, how ‘bout we all do what it takes to earn a spot at the top and then let the results take care of themselves!? I think I’ll start with me...

What others had to say:

I was part of the brain drain myself 15 years ago and am now eagerly looking forward to a return home in August.

Judging by the number of people in Toronto I have had to rationalize my choice for, perhaps we need to run a joint campaign with Economic Development Winnipeg targeting creative professionals...

Posted by: Derek Yarnell | July 10, 2015

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A Fond Farewell...

Lenore Posted by Lenore

So long sweet friend...to our Fusion office that is! Today is moving day and like most, is a little bittersweet. You're a always a little sad to say goodbye yet excited to start fresh and new.

Our move is a very exciting one. We've been working with architects and planners and builders for over a year on a new office space that we've basicially built from the ground up. It's everything we want, with more room, more character and a storefront location. It's full of light, bright colours and a more community-feeling layout for our workspaces. And it's all in the heart of one of our city's most historical neighborhood - the Exchange District. We'll be surrounded by like-minded creative neighbors, great eateries and fun summer festivals. So so exciting!

But that doesn't mean I'm not going to miss this place. You spend so much time at your job, that the office kind of becomes like a second home. I always really liked this second home - with it's 15 foot ceilings and huge windows, funky concrete floors and curvy walls. Some of my favourite sounds include Barrett singing as he walks around the hallways, the pitter patter of multiple dogs feet running around in the background, when the heating system turns off and we all laugh at the awkward dead silence. I'll miss having Starbucks so close and Richard's teasing and heated underground parking.

There's a few things I won't miss, like the old microwave making angry noises, communal bathrooms (we get our own now!), the beat up drywall and the fluctuating building temperatures.

And plenty will stay the same...

It's a great new chapter for Fusion. As I sit amongst the boxes and empty offices, I say out with the old and in with the new.

Talk to you from the other side!



What others had to say:

The new space is awesome Lenore. I don't think you kids will be missing the old space for very long ;)

Posted by: Julian | July 10, 2015

Change is the only constant...

Leighton Posted by Leighton

...at least that's what they say (and I'm thinking they're right)! It's hard to keep up with all of the change at Fusion these days. From the arrival of our new Creative Director, Gagan Singh, who we lured to Winnipeg and away from Lowe Worldwide (carefully avoiding subjects like mosquitoes and frostbite), to the launch of our new brand (and website), 2010 was a year of
constant change. And, with some exciting new clients and our move to super-cool new digs in the Exchange District this weekend, the pace doesn't look to be slowing down in 2011.

Bring it on!!

What others had to say:

Can't wait to see the new digs! Have fun with the move.

Posted by: Julian | July 10, 2015

Looking forward to photos of the new space!

Posted by: Mark | July 10, 2015