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Better get my Pantone book out!

Kathryn Posted by Kathryn Better get my Pantone book out!

Last night's "Better Call Saul" Story Sync experience on AMC.

I will freely admit that I love to watch television, but it has to be really good television! Intriguing story lines with great character development are the criteria for choosing what I am going to spend my time watching. Better Call Saul has become a favourite for some of us here at Fusion (me included), and I just had to laugh at last night's episode.

I won't try to spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched the episode yet. I decided to try the Story Sync on my iPad while watching the show. The above image is one that was presented at one point in the show. Basically Saul was accused of copyright infringment when he produced a billboard that was a copycat of a big law firm (note how they even gave their Pantone colour a personalized name!).

What I found interesting was how mainstream Pantone has become in recent years.

The mugs have been around for a number of years.

And you can now find a Pantone jacket if you are so inclined.

What used to be (and still is) a hard-working tool for printers and designers, has now become mainstream in our culture. Makes me wonder what will be next?

Snow Art

Haley Posted by Haley

As Festival du Voyageur begins yet another year in Winnipeg, I thought it would be relevant to take the time to show some appreciation to the dedicated artists who work with snow and ice throughout the world.

It takes a special person to be able to focus for hours on end, in frigid temperatures, all for the sake of art. Take for example, Simon Beck. At age 56, Beck estimates that it takes around 10 hours on average, to complete a design in the snow. First there is finding a location, then concept development, calculating the geometrics and sketching the design before all the outdoor fun begins. If you take a look at his Snow Art below you'll see that stomping down the snow is only a portion of the task, but it brings a whole new level of appreciation.


Beck's Snow Art may not be available to be seen in person, but lucky for us Winnipeggers we have the pleasure of taking in other winter artistry with snow sculptures scattered throughout the city! This year there are eleven teams from across the world that will be battling the cold to carve sculptures at nine locations in Winnipeg. Whether you choose to venture outside, or appreciate the sculptures from the inside of a toasty, warm vehicle, I highly recommend checking out some, if not all, of the sculptures!

Click the link below to find a sculpture near you!


Also, to see more of Simon Beck’s, Snow Art check out his website: http://snowart.gallery/

Cards Against Humanity- for Branding?

Dolores Posted by Dolores Cards Against Humanity- for Branding?

We have all invested time and energy developing our branding resources to use when working with clients on their brand identity. Now Scott Thomas of Simple.Honest.Work. in Chicago has maybe come to our rescue with what he believes is the ultimate tool to make it even simpler and more effective.

With the help of Mark Temkin, one of the people behind the game “Cards Against Humanity”, Thomas has created a deck of cards with adjectives used by many of us to help clients define who they really are and are not. Each team member gets their own deck to sort through and then as a team decide what really applies to them and what definitely does not. Pretty simple.

Instead of funding the project on their own, they turned to Kickstarter.com to crowd source and have so far raised more than their goal. They are now also working on a “Not safe for the workplace” version, again with the “Cards for Humanity” people (I wouldn’t want to accidentally mix those decks up).

This venture will be interesting to follow and although I believe we will stick to our own tried and true methods, I can see these cards showing up in some branding agency boardrooms, or more likely, the “not safe” version being played every Friday afternoon in the lounge. Check it out!


The Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials of 2015

Florence Posted by Florence The Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials of 2015

In case you haven’t checked them out yet, CBC put together this article on what they’ve dubbed the top 10 commercials of this year’s Super Bowl.

Bookending the list are two emotional spots – one about dads, the other about girls. I loved them both. My husband and I held a Super Bowl party and all the guys loved the Liam Neeson/Clash of Clans commercial (one of the few to be aired on TV outside of the US, it seems). Mindy Kaling’s Nationwide spot had me laughing out loud. And don’t even get me started on the Budweiser commercial!

What are your faves from this year?

Good news: the CRTC has taken action and starting with the 2017 Super Bowl, Canadians will now see all of the same ads as Americans!