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Claudine Posted by Claudine Fab Feb

Flo, Kara, and Kathryn... they just couldn't stay away!

February is a short month, but we filled it up with our own brand of Fusion fun.

First up, February marked the return of three of our colleagues to Fusion. Kara Westerlund is our new Creative Director. Florence Ozirney has taken on a new operations and account management role, while Kathryn Balacko is back in the Fusion fold after a medical leave. Welcome back!

In other office action...

1. Festival du Voyageur pancake breakfast. A great way to wake up and smell the bacon – and according to a tweet we received @fusiongroup, the rest of the building was also treated to the aroma.

2. It was my birthday on the 13th – made special with cupcakes baked by Swani. Delicious!

3. We watched a lot of Olympic action…including the gold-medal win by Winnipeg’s own Team Jones.

4. All the Canadians who medaled owe a debt to Morris, who kept this very lucky loonie close by for every victory. Morris is now accepting offers on his proven lucky loonie. Bidding begins at $20.

5. We were joined by Violet Newediuk-Fosty, filling in for Michaela Sharp, who is on maternity leave (no baby yet!).

6. We (OK, mostly me) bundled up in theme for International Polar Bear Day.

7. Fusion was home to Project Valentine, a Valentine-making workshop to craft homemade greetings for patients at CancerCare Manitoba who received treatment on Valentine’s Day. This is the second year the workshop has been hosted in Fusion’s offices.

8. Freelance graphic designer Manny Karman has joined us to lend a hand with a few projects…she also brought Jones Soda to her first Fusion potluck. Score! The bottle caps have fortunes inside.

9. Hey, if the bottle cap says so, Haley is on board. Upside-down picture? Done!

Footnote: In case you were wondering… Nope, Florence did not grow 6 inches in her time away from Fusion! :)

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So great to see Flo, Kara and Kathryn back - a very happy day for Fusion!! :)

Posted by: Leighton | February 28, 2014

Re: Read

Morris Posted by Morris

I recently dusted off an old text book from my college days — Armin Hoffman’s Graphic Design Manual – Principles and Practice.

I’d forgotten how great that book was. It inspired in me school and it still inspires me today.

It made me go into the archives, grab a bunch of files and have some new fun (with thanks to Armin Hoffman).


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Ah, memories... :)

Posted by: Leighton | July 9, 2015

What project is under the SHED creative?

Posted by: flo | July 9, 2015

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Morris Posted by Morris


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