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Haley Posted by Haley

For those of you out there who are social media savvy, you may have noticed that Instagram recently (as of yesterday) updated their app and expanded their filter collection. To save you from posting a photo to see the effects of each, let me introduce you to; Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua (below).

With the addition of these five new filters there are now a total of 24 to choose from. However, with the new update to Instagram there is a feature that allows you to hide filters that you may not like (aka Kelvin... sorry Kelvin). So if you notice some filters missing from your options, they are most likely hiding in the 'manage' box at the end of the list.

For more detailed descriptions about each of the new filters click here: www.adweek.com/news/technology/hidden-meanings-and-inspirations-behind-instagrams-5-new-photo-filters-161988

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Not even Kelvin likes Kelvin.

Posted by: Claudine | December 17, 2014

Hello from Quinn

Kara Posted by Kara

This post is brought to you by Graphic Design student Quinn Carberry, who we've had the pleasure of hosting here at Fusion over the past two weeks. Best of luck in the rest of your studies, Quinn!


Doing my work placement for the Red River College graphic design program at Fusion has been awesome! I was nervous at first but everyone here is super genuine and nice. I’m enjoying seeing the things I have learned in my classes put into practice and experiencing the day to day processes of an advertising agency. Kara, the Creative Director, has been a big help, has been super patient with me and has taught me so much I can take back to school with me in the new year. All in all, it’s been a great experience that I’m not likely to forget!

A nice little bonus to doing my work placement in the exchange is that I got to go to Tiny Feast and pick up the Isometric Risograph 2015 calendar that I have been eyeing up for a while. It’s a beautiful calendar by J. P. King that uses some great printing techniques (like halftones and overprinting) that I learned about in one of my classes.

It’s my last day of work placement and The Exchange Shop Hop is happening today and tomorrow, so I may find myself taking away more than just design knowledge and practice from this experience.



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It was great to have you, Quinn! Stop by anytime and say hi!

Posted by: Flo | July 6, 2015