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This is Clark Little.

Brooke Posted by Brooke

This is the story of Clark Little. Clark is a surfer, lives on Oahu, he's married.

Clark LOVES surfing. Clark LOVES his wife. Clark's wife asked him to go take a photo of the waves for their home. So off he went, did what he loved, for someone he loved.

Clarks friends saw his photos and they wanted some too. So Clark went out to do what he loved and so made other people happy in return.

All of Clark's friends had his wave photos in their living rooms, and soon other people around the world got wind of Clark's cool photos.

So off Clark went, and did more of what he loved for people all around the world. And this made everyone happy.

A little personal passion gave way to a big wave of joy for a whole bunch of people.

I love Clark's photos too. But it's not his photos that I love the most, it's his story. It's so simple - using what fires you up in service to someone else. That's the key - serving others.

How can you do what you love today for the benefit of someone else?


What others had to say:

Beautiful images, and an even more beautiful message. Thanks for sharing, Brooke.

Posted by: Claudine | July 9, 2015

That's an awesome photo!

Posted by: Flo | July 9, 2015

What Type of a person are you?

Gagan Posted by Gagan

Once every week a bunch of bright sparks at Fusion huddle together to share what inspires them.

So what inspires us? When it comes to inspiration we all get inspired by different things or at times same thing but in different ways. Our inspiration is also reflection of our subconscious and our motivation.

In our last huddle, James Diato, Red River College student who was here for work placement shared his portfolio. Most of his work was very typographical or maybe that’s what my subconscious got attracted towards the most in his portfolio. But that certainly inspired me to do a little fun exercise based on Type (Character, Font, Typeface).

People have personalities and so do Typefaces. If that’s the case, then people must have typefaces unique to their personalities. What typeface comes to your mind when you read the word “Walt Disney”? Now what typeface comes to your mind when you think of the word “Army”? No revelation there! Most of you probably already know this.

It becomes particularly interesting when you try to associate a typeface to the people you know!
So my little exercise was about that. Associating typeface with the people I work with, daily. I doodled the very first impression that came to my mind when I think of a name of a colleague. I didn’t want to over think so I gave myself 10 minutes to finish all the sketches.
I have used basic fonts and added some accents by manipulating a character along with colour to illustrate my first impression of a name. It’s interesting to see that my inspiration for different people came from a variety of things. For some the first impression was the personality, for some their style, some their role, their skill for something, for some an earring and for some it was a mix of different things they are into.

Disclaimer: This is just my personal impression and not meant to judge or offend anyone. Any resemblance to your character, clothes, colour, class, creed or cat is purely coincidental.

Have fun and take it easy!


The Zen of Painting

Kathryn Posted by Kathryn The Zen of Painting

I love working with watercolour paints - they have sometimes been touted as the hardest medium to work with as it’s difficult to correct mistakes, but I find that it’s those mistakes that can be the most interesting part of the process and usually creates some interest in the image. Working on a computer all day can be fun, but I really love watching paint, water and paper mix together to create beautiful images. This is how I like to spend some of my time after work and find it can fuel the creative process.

Recently, my 9 year-old niece asked that I paint her a picture for her birthday, and that I could choose any subject matter. I knew she liked butterflies and found a great reference photo from last summer when a butterfly landed on a deck chair at the lake. I also thought she would be interested in seeing the documented progress of the painting and with the amazing cameras on smartphones these days, it was easy to do!

As you can see - there are quite a few stages involved in the creation of the painting, and it can easily become discouraging, but with a little courage and faith, it always works out in the end!

What others had to say:

Beautiful work, Kathryn!

Posted by: Claudine | April 4, 2013

Great post, Kathryn. I love seeing the process.

Posted by: Kara | April 4, 2013