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Creative and Unique Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Dave Posted by Dave

We recently had the wonderful experience of having graphic designer Alyssa Love Pangan join us from Red River College for her three-week practicum experience. She fit into our company culture very easily and we enjoyed working with her and eating her tasty noodle dish at our monthly potluck. She has a great career ahead of her judging by the work she did for us and particularly the work she has done for herself at school.

As usual, we ask students to present their portfolios in the lounge and we gathered around for a presentation of some very excellent design and some exceptional promotional execution. I asked her to write an article for our website blog about the guerrilla marketing campaign that she had produced and implemented. She created the blog, "Wear it Like a Penguin", as a project to track website hits and, therefore, the success of her unique guerrilla promotions. She produced a beautiful and informative 32-page online book about the project that you can see on the first page of her blog. Click the "Guerrilla Marketing Book" icon. Quite amazing.

Here she is, writing incognito, in the vein of her incognito campaign...

Wear It Like A Penguin?

Like fashion icons, Penguins are always so neatly dressed. Wear It Like A Penguin is a recently launched fashion blog in Winnipeg that started out just as a college assignment for Campaign Strategy. The blog is known more for its guerrilla marketing techniques than anything else and was created to keep track of pageviews.

Here are some of the creative guerilla marketing techniques that the student used to spread the word.

BOOKMARKS: Bookmarks with the blog url were inserted into popular Fashion Magazines at grocery stores in Winnipeg.

SHOP-DROPPING: Price tags with the blog url were left in pockets of selected clothing in retail stores of popular shopping malls in Winnipeg.

LOST WALLETS: Wallets were left empty with an attached price tag with the blog url on benches and coffee tables at shopping malls and coffee shops in Winnipeg.

LOST HANDKERCHIEFS: Handkerchiefs were sewn with price tags attached and were left on benches and coffee tables at shopping malls and coffee shops in Winnipeg.

WASHROOM ICON OUTFITS: Men’s paper jeans and women’s paper dresses were cut out with an attached price tag and were applied onto men and women’s washroom icons at shopping malls and colleges in Winnipeg.

PURSES & TIES: Purses and ties with attached price tags were hung on jacket hooks in washroom stalls, elevator and staircase railings, and everywhere it was possible.

Within one week and a few days from distributing 175 marketing pieces she was able to reach 998 views online and three followers! This fun campaign definitely was one of the highlights of her year at Red River College. She says “Guerilla marketing is always fun… when you don’t get caught!”

– Isla Penguin


Pinterest now third behind Facebook and Twitter in Social Media

Dave Posted by Dave Pinterest now third behind Facebook and Twitter in Social Media

LindedIn just dropped behind to fourth place as upstart Pinterest rockets with a traffic increase of 50% from January to February reaching visit counts of over 20 million per week.

For the month of March, web intelligence company Experian Hitwise ranked the top ten social networks as follows:
1. Facebook: 7.0 billion
2. Twitter: 182.2 million
3. Pinterest: 104.4 million
4. LinkedIn: 85.7 million
5. Tagged: 72.5 million
6. Google+: 61.0 million
7. MySpace: 43.3 million
8. MyYearbook: 38.1 million
9. MyLife: 29.7 million
10. Tumblr: 29.6 million

Pinterest users skew 60% female with 55% of them between the ages of 25 and 44 with a real bent towards people interested in home hobbies and crafts.

Experion's Lifestyle Segmentation tools paint an interesting picture of the demographics of Pinterest.

Pinterest is also fast becoming a great tool for business as popular images with links back to the original source can get repinned on hundreds or thousands of others' user boards.

We are using Pinterest right now for our client, St. Vital Centre mall.


What others had to say:

wow, this is actually suprising, they really caching up with facebook and twitter. It is now clear that social media on the internet is a booming business, as long as you can have a very unique way of your site presentation.

Posted by: Mike Turn | May 24, 2013

A World-Class Airport

Florence Posted by Florence A World-Class Airport

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

Yesterday, the Travel Channel released its list of the Top 10 World's Most Iconic Airports. Amazingly, Winnipeg's own James Armstrong Richardson International Airport made the list! 

Prior to working at Fusion, I worked for Winnipeg Airports Authority. Part of my job included working on the tenders for food and retail concessions. Do you know how hard it was to keep my mouth shut when inside I was jumping for joy at the thought of dining at Stella's and TGIFridays? So more than others, I feel like I 'own' a little piece of that terminal. I waited anxiously for it to open, as I couldn't wait to see it all come to life.

When I finally did set foot in the terminal, I have to admit that I stood, just inside the entrance of the arrivals level, for a few minutes just to soak it all in. Blueprints and renderings could not have prepared me for the feeling of the new terminal. The openness, those skylights, the feeling of space and vastness overcame me. I suddenly felt so proud. For the first time, it felt like the 'door' to the city fully captured the essence of the city. Winnipeg no longer felt like a tiny little town, but a proud and welcoming big city. 

So while I laugh a little at the thought of our airport being on the same list as Changi or Incheon - as we're nowhere near that capacity -  I'm proud to see our airport recognized for what it is, and what it means to our city. And now, I want to visit those other airports -- I mean, there's a 4-storey slide at the airport in Shanghai! Who's with me?