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Swani Posted by Swani Working In Progress

I’m not the first to say it, but it’s the one true constant in each of our lives – change. But what varies from person-to-person is how we deal with change. This can run the gamut from resisting to embracing change. Change resisted can be a source of stress and anxiety, but when welcomed, a catalyst for transformation and growth.

Change in the workplace is no exception.

So if change is inevitable, then we’d sure be smart to have a plan in place when it comes, right? Experts say that finding a way to roll with change is the only way to go. When we resist change, we fight a futile battle, so why not surrender? Price Pritchett, renowned for his groundbreaking work in assisting organizations with change management asserts, “Change always comes bearing gifts.” So instead of focusing on what may be lost or different, it’s more beneficial to look at the gifts, or opportunities, the change presents.

Just as all of our lives go through constant change, companies also go through periods of change – sometimes on a daily basis, sometimes planned, sometimes not. But how a company and its employees handle those changes is a true testament to the strength of the undercurrent that propels it forward.

Here at Fusion we’ve worked hard to manifest a strong and steady office culture and that is part of the reason, through some recent changes, that we’ve risen to the challenge of change. We see change as an opportunity, and heck, we’re seizing it!

Forbes wrote a great little piece about learning to love change in the workplace, offering the following four steps to embracing change:  

1. Recognize When You’re Resisting

A great first step for most people is simply to recognize when change is happening and how you’re reacting. If you’re resistant, figure out what’s beneath the resistance. Is it fear? Why are you pushing back when everything around you is moving forward?

2. Look for the Opportunity

Remember that change = chaos + opportunity. It’s a two-part equation. What potential exists within the change? Shine a spotlight there.

3. Make It Less Dramatic

An overnight, sudden change is much harder to handle than a gradual shift. When you see change on the horizon, be proactive. Do what you can to ease the transition, minimize the chaos and enhance the opportunity.

4. Release Emotional Attachments

Let go of the feelings you have associated with the old way of doing things. Comfort can be more emotional than rational. Remember that you’re endlessly adaptable and that growth almost always comes with discomfort. Learn to simply go with the flow and see where the wave takes you.





What others had to say:

Good one Swani.
Change creates opportunities to challenge status quo, re-look, reinvent and refresh.

Posted by: Gagan | July 9, 2015

Beautiful Swani.
Lord Buddha said that "impermanence is suffering" but not if you are in the center of The Wheel of Life, where there isn't so much shake, rattle and roll. (I said the last part).

Posted by: Jim Lindsay | July 9, 2015

Take a Moment

Dave Posted by Dave

At Christmas time things can get very hectic. At Fusion, we are working like little elves to get everything done before we go on our much deserved Christmas and New Year's break.

To help you get back into the spirit of Christmas and everything else we celebrate at this time of year, have a look at these great quotations. To see a handy list of cultural and religious celebrations by date, click here.

My family celebrates Christmas. Merry Christmas.







Business Made Easy

Andrea Posted by Andrea

Many moons ago when working for Universal Music Canada, the Director of Marketing and truly one of my favorite mentors said to me ‘the most important thing you’re going to learn in the music industry is the value of building strong relationships’.

As you can imagine, there were various things I learned in the five years working with rock stars and country music sensations, all very valuable in both life and in business. But one thing holds true – the power of building strong relationships can take you everywhere. And I really think it’s as simple as people want to do business with people that they like. People that listen to them. People that understand them. People that want to help take their dreams and vision to reality.

At Fusion we do a really good job of that. We listen, we brainstorm and we dream big with everyone who comes through our doors. We get inspired by their passion, feel connected to them as people, and love seeing them succeed. Such is life I suppose…things seem to have come full circle.

Over the holiday season hopefully everyone gets the chance to spend a lot of time with their family, friends and loved ones. It’s not the amount of time that you share, but the memories you are making, the bonds you are strengthening, and the character you are building together. You never know what you say or do that is going to stick with someone…you may not think that sweet compliment was a big deal, but may mean the world to the receiver at that moment in time. People don’t remember what you necessarily say or do, but rather how you make them feel. And if we could all do a bit of a better job on making people feel fabulous, our world would be a better place to just be.

I truly feel these sentiments apply to business as well. I’m not suggesting you give your clients hugs every time you see them, but definitely a kind word, a smile and a listening ear can go a far way.

Happy Happy Happy Holidays!!!!

What others had to say:

I've been known to give the odd hug to clients : ) Nicely said Andrea, enjoy the holidays!

Posted by: Theresa | July 9, 2015

Happy holidays to you, too, Andrea! Dream big!

Posted by: Claudine | July 9, 2015


Dave Posted by Dave

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Sun Tzu quote, from the Art of War, more than 2000 years ago.


The Kuzina Cup

Lorraine Posted by Lorraine The Kuzina Cup

 Well folks, The Kuzina Cup is coming up fast! September 7th is the big day and Larters at St. Andrews is the place to be.

For those of you that knew Terry... you know that he was a kind, talented and admired individual that was well-respected in the design community.

For those of you that know about the tournament... you may know that it is taking place not only in memory of Terry, but to help raise funds for The Terry Kuzina Memorial Student Award for Graphic Design.

For those of you that want to take part... you still can! All golfers are welcome and all donations are appreciated. There are prizes to be won and fun to be had so if you haven't registered, please do so!

To learn more about Terry, The Kuzina Cup or The Terry Kuzina Memorial Student Award for Graphic Design, please visit terrykuzina.com

Hope to see you all on Friday!

What others had to say:

You forgot to mention you'll be serving Caesars at one of the holes! That's a great reason to come out.

Posted by: Barrett | February 8, 2013