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Haley Posted by Haley

As the World Cup goes into a lull until the quarter finals, I thought I would explore what FIFA has done to make a soccer (or “futbol”) tournament the most popular event in the world. With more mentions and hashtags than the Sochi Olympics, the Oscars and the Superbowl combined; the World Cup has taken over social media.

If you’re not already checking into one of the numerous social ‘hubs’ on Twitter, Mashable, TSN or FIFA, then you’ve already noticed the oh-so-clever, daily, Google ‘doodles’.

For the lucky ones who get to watch at work, home or at local restaurants, you get to see the creative commercials which sponsors have spent billions on. Yes, billions, and it’s for good reason.

For example, ESPN online had a record breaking 1.7 million concurrent viewers during the USA vs. Germany match. Along with that, the first two weeks garnered over 300 million tweets. Using the #WorldCup hashtag, along with fans cheering for their favourite countries (#BRA, #MEX, #GER, etc.), it made it easier for advertisers to target their audience.

As a matter of fact, 75% of viewers are also engaging on social media while watching the match. Analytics company, Sysomos, actually created a global hashtag tracker to show which countries are talking about #WorldCup the most.

So what country are you cheering for? I'll be cheering on whichever team Morris is rooting for.




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Mobile Advertising Growth Monopolized

Dave Posted by Dave Mobile Advertising Growth Monopolized

Mobile seems to be the place that we’re all headed. And Facebook is the place where much of that growth is being captured.

I keep hearing and reading about the fall of Facebook, and of the youth leaving in scores, but they are seeing the greatest increases in market share in mobile advertising. They are not the leader, but they lead in year on year growth since 2012 after having almost no mobile ad revenue in 2011. Facebook has risen from a 5.4% share in 2012 to 21.7% in 2014. Meanwhile, Google dropped almost six points.

Globally, the mobile advertising industry has more than tripled in two years to cross over $30 billion in 2014 (up from $18 billion last year) — a huge industry, but nothing like TV at almost $200 billion and print at $110 billion (Mashable).

As broadband becomes cheaper and as we untether from our wired home and office computers, mobile will become our screen of choice. You can already watch a lot of TV and listen to most radio stations on mobile, and we’re much more excited when a new mobile device is launched than we are a new computer, TV or music player. With Apple’s impending release of IOS 8, opening up a variety of new health tracking opportunities and home management abilities, we’re not very likely to slow down on our consumption of mobile.

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Facebook's Declining Page Reach

Florence Posted by Florence Facebook's Declining Page Reach

Analysis done by Social@Ogilvy on more than 100 brand Facebook pages

Facebook announced almost a month ago that it was further reducing the organic reach of Page posts to only 1% – 2%. The decline started a few months ago, when it made an algorithm change to its News Feed, impacting what users saw. Pages immediately felt the effects, as organic reach per post suddenly declined to approximately 6%. But to go even further to only 1% - 2% has many marketers mad, and wondering whether Facebook is the right medium to reach their audience.

As a Page admin for one of our clients, the change has been more than frustrating. We’ve worked hard with our client to grow their Facebook page, and worked hard to develop content relevant to our audience. And it hasn’t all been done for free – our client is no stranger to sponsoring posts and buying ad space on Facebook.

Users have actively chosen to engage with our client’s brand by Liking their Facebook page. They want to know what’s going on and want to dialogue with our client’s brand. So what now? I’ve been reading plenty of articles, researching, and doing a lot of trial and error to figure out how to engage our audience again. But time will tell what works and what doesn’t!

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Another thing to think about is the recent release of the Messager iOS app for the iPhone. People who used to open up the Facebook iOS app to gain access to conversations with their friends now are being pointed to an alternate, stand-alone app. This increases the likelihood those people will never open (or even uninstall) the main FB app, and not engage in the news feeds at all!

Posted by: Wil Alambre | April 16, 2014

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Attachment to Social Media Brands

Dave Posted by Dave Attachment to Social Media Brands

Facebook is on top in a new survey by UTA Brand Studio and uSamp in the category of "attachment to a brand". That refers to the degree to which people believe a brand is like themselves and the degree to which thoughts and feelings about a brand come to mind. Research from USC Marshall School of Business suggests that attachment is a better predictor of customer loyalty and customer evangelism.

Instagram came in second, unless you are over 45, where it's fifth and Youtube is second. Instagram is actually number one for the 25 and under crowd. I guess that's why Facebook bought Instagram.

The most surprising find was with Twitter. In the 25 to 44 age group, it ranked tenth, but six of ten people say they use it. Also surprising to me is how low Facebook ranks among men.

Predictably, Youtube scored well. It's hard not find videos to "attach" to on Youtube, which would cause people to rank it higher.

Brands that show the most potential based on Brand Dependance values were Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr and Vine.


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I'm not attached - I'm addicted! :)

Posted by: Claudine | March 12, 2014

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Social Slang

Haley Posted by Haley



You’re “up on the times” right?


Well, here’s a test:




For those of you who did the head tilt/eyebrow scrunch, followed by Google search, you’re not alone! Abbreviations, acronyms and hashtags are popping up all over social media, leaving (most of) us not-so “up on the times”.

Since full sentences are apparently, so five years ago, here is a list of social slang to bring you up to date:

#AAMOF: As a matter of fact
#CMIIW: Correct me if I’m wrong
DERP: A response to a dumb comment
#FOMO: Fear of missing out
#FTTB: For the time being
#FTW: For the win
#GOMB: Get off my back
#HYFR: Heck right, freakin’ yeah (NOTE: PG version)
#ICYMI: In case you missed it
#IFSFY: I feel sorry for you
#IMO: In my opinion
#KHYF: Know how you feel
#KOTL: Kiss on the lips
#LBVS: Laughing but very serious
#LMS: “Like” my status
#LNT: Leave no trace
#LOL: Laugh out loud OR Lots of love (NOTE: There is a difference, see below)

#MCM: Man crush Monday
#MFW: My face when…
#NIMBY: Not in my backyard
#NOYB: None of your business
#NSFW: Not safe for work
#OOMF: One of my followers
#OOTD: Outfit of the day
#POTUS: President of the United States
RATCHET: Undesirable
#RT: Retweet
#SMH: Shake my head
#TBH: To be honest
#TBT: Throw back Thursday
#TT: Trending topic
USA: United States of America…derp!
#WCW: Woman crush Wednesday
#WIWT: What I wore today
#YMCMB: Young money cash money billionaires…ha!
#YKTS: You know the score
#YOLO: You only live once
#143: I love you

There, now when the time comes you can be a “cool” dad/mom.



What others had to say:

LOLs and LOL to U for writing this, Haley! I feel so SMRT! http://youtu.be/tcGQpjCztgA

Posted by: Claudine | March 7, 2014

#LYLAS for a little #TBT...or was that just us hp?

Posted by: Alli | March 8, 2014

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