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When you know it’s the one

Audrey Posted by Audrey When you know it’s the one

Another student work placement has flown by, and this time we're saying goodbye to the lovely Rhianna Saj (aka RhiRhi). She’s been a great addition to the office over the past few weeks, and I'll miss having a fellow CreCommer around! Thanks for being with us, Rhianna. 

Here’s what she had to say about her time at Fusion:


As someone that has completed 3 internships I know that it can be hard. More times than not, there isn’t enough work or the agency doesn’t trust the intern to take over. It can sometimes lead that intern to feel like they aren’t needed or wanted. I’ll admit that with previous internships there were times that I’d count down the hours till I was done. There were days that I dreaded going in but that wasn’t the case with my last one.

For the past three weeks, I have been interning at Fusion. I’ve had the chance to do everything from brainstorming a list of names for a new company, compiling articles and stories about refugees to even photographing the newest trends at St. Vital Centre. I thoroughly enjoyed the work I was doing, and felt like I was actually helping the team out rather than creating more work for them. As I was surprised by this new phenomenon, I wondered if there were any other interns out there who had felt the same, and so I started writing this article to help them through this stage of their experience.

3 Ways You’ll Know You Like Your Job

1. The work doesn’t feel like work.

Cliché, I know but for the most part I really liked doing what I was doing. I loved the brainstorms, or coming up with 30 different tweets that a client could use to promote their brand. I was ecstatic when I was handed my first brief and it was three pages long. There was so much information, and insight to write copy off of which had me very excited.

2. The office has dogs.

This is a given. If you work somewhere that has an office dog and you don’t like going to work, you are just being unappreciative. I’ve interned at agencies that have had a dog before but at Fusion there were 2 that I met. There’s something quite rewarding about a little pup coming into your office for a mid-day pat!

3. You like the people you work with.

Whenever I start a new job, I tend to be very quiet and reserved for the first couple of weeks. It’s something that I have tried to grow out of but I believe it’s how I test the waters. Although I was quiet and kept to myself at Fusion the team always made me feel extremely welcome. Whether it was offering me a drink at 4 on Fridays or taking the extra time to explain something to me, the Fusion team made me feel right at home!

I know that every experience is different but these are just a few clues for the next intern. I know they will enjoy their time at Fusion just as much as I did. How could you not?

Time Flies!

Audrey Posted by Audrey Time Flies!

We’re sad to say goodbye to our Graphic Design student, Hailey Graham. She’s been a big help over the past two weeks, and we appreciate her hard work and positive attitude. Thanks for being with us, Hailey! We wish you all the best in your studies. :)

Here’s what Hailey had to say about her experience:


I have been excited about work placement before I was even accepted into the Graphic Design program at Red River College. Fusion has been a great opportunity to experience a design studio at work and learn about the industry firsthand. My last two weeks here have been incredibly informative, and helped in actualizing what it might be like to work at an advertising agency. It is a bright sunny workplace, full of wonderful people (and dogs), and a variety of interesting projects that the team got me involved in; all this and more has made my experience truly memorable.

Fusion’s atmosphere is inspiring. I never thought walking into an office space could be so exciting, a pool table, ping pong, couches, and a fully loaded kitchen made me feel completely at ease here. To top it all off, some of the staff bring their dogs to work with them!

I was a little bit nervous about how fast-paced the office would be before I got here, as I am still learning and only halfway through my second year. While it is more fast-paced than I’m used to, everyone here has been exceedingly kind and patient and helped to make this a rewarding experience. I have learned so much over my last two weeks here, I feel like I am already working a bit faster! A couple of the projects I got to work on over my placement were sent to print which allowed me to see a small bit of that process in action as well. Overall, Fusion has been a great learning experience. I wish I could stick around to see all of the neat projects they get to work on unfold!

What's Your Type?

Audrey Posted by Audrey What's Your Type?

Working effectively as a team is important for any workplace, but especially for an ad agency. We rely on each other for guidance, morale, collaboration and even friendship. Teamwork creates a positive environment for everyone, and plays an important role in the success of a project. 

To improve communication, you have to take the time to get to know your team. By taking a personality test and sharing the results with your coworkers, you can find out how you best interact with different personality types. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is the most widely used tool for determining personality types in the world, and the results are surprisingly accurate. 

Ask everyone in your office to quickly take this survey and share the results with each other. Are the majority of you introverts, or extroverts? Who's focused on the big picture, and who's more concerned with minute details? Knowing how to handle different temperaments can save a lot of time, create understanding, and avoid potential stress. Plus, the test is kind of fun to take. ;)

You have to answer 70 questions, and it takes roughly ten minutes to complete. Your answers will place you in one of four temperaments: artisan, guardian, idealist or rational. These each have four subcategories, which will determine your personality type.

I was a healer (INFP), in the idealist temperament.

Here’s what I learned:

"INFPs are sensitive, caring, and compassionate, and are deeply concerned with the personal growth of themselves and others. Individualistic and nonjudgmental, INFPs believe that each person must find their own path. They enjoy spending time exploring their own ideas and values, and are gently encouraging to others to do the same. INFPs are creative and often artistic; they enjoy finding new outlets for self-expression."

- adaptable, welcome new ideas and new information
- patient with complicated situations, but impatient with routine details
- keenly aware of people and their feelings, and relate well with most others
- because of their deep-seated reserve, however, they can work quite happily alone
- follow their heart not their head, which means they can make errors of fact, but seldom of feeling
- they have a gift for interpreting stories, as well as for creating them, and thus often write in lyric, poetic fashion
- [The healer] might go for long periods without noticing a stain on the carpet, but carefully and meticulously brush a speck of dust off of their project booklet. (YES.)
- Their aptitude for foreign languages is unmatched. (I love learning languages. Weird.)

Famous INFPs: Kurt Cobain, Princess Diana, and Audrey Hepburn.

After you find out your personality type, I recommend reading more about your profile online. There's a lot of websites out there that provide even more interesting information.

So what personality type are you? Let me know if it was accurate, or not! 



Photo via: thesixteentypes.tumblr.com

So you want more Instagram followers?

Audrey Posted by Audrey

In our current social media-filled world where everyone is vying for attention and trying to increase their following, it’s important to have a strategy. I’ve put together a few tips that can help improve your Instagram presence if your business hasn’t been getting the results you want.

First, let’s talk about followers.

When someone is deciding to follow you, it’s very much like a first impression. People know what they like, and really know what they don’t like. Someone will give your page a quick once over and decide if they like what they see in seconds. Of course I’m generalizing, but it helps to think of social media this way. As a whole, how are you portrayed at a glance?

Here are a few different types of followers. Try to decide who you have the best chance of appealing to, and figure out how you can cater your content for them.

1) The Beautiful Photo Lovers

Beautiful is the operative word here. Everyone has different taste in photography. Some people are minimalists, some people like cheesy clip-art. (Okay, we all know what camp I’m in.) But, quality tends to prevail and result in the largest following. People who follow accounts with gorgeous photography either do it for their own inspiration, to add a little beauty to their day, or to wish they took the picture first.

Even if your company isn’t H&M, photo quality matters. Uploading photos that are pixelated or over-edited will rule out these potential follows, and even worse, you may appear unprofessional. Invest in a good camera or quality photo-editing app if you want to go the extra mile. I recommend VSCO Cam or Afterlight. Please avoid over the top editing – I'm talking to you bokeh lovers!

2) The Avid Learners

Ah learning, the greatest joy in life. Before Instagram, I didn’t even know what “detox water” was – apparently adding fruit to your water helps rid your body of toxins. Who knew! There are multiple, wait thousands (millions even?), of fitness-themed accounts that are chock full of inspirational quotes, meal tips, training videos, etc. Users who follow accounts like this are interested in the subject matter, and want to learn more on a daily basis.

When you serve up insightful content it makes people feel like they’re making progress just by looking at photos. Other account themes include: foodie/recipe ideas, fashion/styling tips, DIY, bodybuilding, makeup how-to’s – you name it. If you can teach, then teach! With an account like this make sure you deliver, and offer up lots of fresh, useful content. Videos, quotes, infographics – that’s all great. Just stay on topic, please.

3) The Half Cousins Twice Removed

Take advantage of your employees connections, and invite friends from Facebook and your contact books! Invite them all - why not? People whom you have a distant connection with, locals/businesses who are close to you geographically; chances are they’ll know you too and might even follow back. Think of all the people you follow just because you know them. They may not have the greatest photos, but you support them to keep that connection.

4) The Adoring Fans

Whether it’s someone you idolize, a brand/store you love, or a growing movement you’re curious about; people like to be in the loop. If you’re lucky enough to be one of those people, sell it. Please your fans with insider access, a variety of content, and posts that showcase your personality. This goes for celebs, stores, news outlets, events, and new businesses.

5) The Jokesters

I can’t disregard all the joke accounts out there. I love @Seinfeldcaps and @menshumor pictures. I think the motive goes without saying.

(Combining elements from all of the above would result in a killer account, in my opinion.)

Here are some more tips:

Be consistent. Choose a clear focus for your account and stick to it. If I’m following you strictly for pictures of nature, I don’t want a #selfie or breakfast photo thrown in there. Know your audience, and try to anticipate what they will like. Isn’t that all Instagram is, in a nutshell?

Find followers from like-minded accounts. For example, if you’re a yoga company, try following Lululemon followers. Chances are they’ll like you too. Also, who else might your target market be following? Hmm..

Use hashtags right, and sparingly. Using appropriate hashtags can bring in interested followers who have specifically searched that hashtag for content. At the same time, hashtags can look spammy. And no one likes spam. If you can come up with your own hashtag, that’s even better. But please, only use it if it makes sense. The growing trend of every new campaign just throwing together a hashtag is annoying. Who will ever use those!? Realistic usability is key.

Don’t annoy people. Two posts a day, maximum. And that’s pushing it.

Connect, connect, connect! Share your Instagram posts on Facebook and Twitter to show your existing followers you have another social media presence. Why not? Give your content another place to live. You never know who might be scrolling through your feed in the future.

Timing matters. Are your fans on mostly in the morning, or at night? Think about it, when do you check your feed most often?

Find your followers. Don’t just sit there and wait for people to flock to you. Search relevant hashtags, or look at specific geo-tagged locations where your target market might be and follow those people.

Use Iconosquare. Iconosquare.com is a great tool for gaining insight about your account. It provides key metrics to help you find out who your most engaged followers are, what time of day brings the most engagement, and what your daily follower gain and loss looks like. Just be careful, this website is addicting..

And remember, when someone follows you, they have essentially agreed to let you into their life. All your photos and messages have been allowed in their feed, and you should appreciate that. Make sure to engage with your followers and give comments and likes. Because, well, that’s just a nice thing to do.

We currently run the Instagram account for @stvitalcentre if you want to see how we do social media around here. Make sure to check out all the social media work we do for St. Vital Centre here

Audrey also runs the Instagram account @gowpg, and ours, @fusionadgroup. Follow for a follow? ☺