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Fusion Hip Hop Playlist on Apple Music March '16

Rob Posted by Rob


Hey, so here's a playlist I've been working on this past week. It includes some of my favourite trap, nyc stuff, bangers by electronic producers with hot features and a few things in-between. Some old, some new. All Apple Music users need apply!


It will bump in the whip or elevate your *cubicle; your choice!

Fire emoji.

- R


*Playlist may contain some NSFW lyrical content, depending on how relaxed your cubicle is :)

OS X: The Chief Update.

Rob Posted by Rob OS X: The Chief Update.


To my delight, Apple just released its next iteration of the ever-evolving OS X. I generally get very excited about the most miniscule updates and improvements in software and UI, so today’s release of ‘El Capitan’ was no exception.

So what’s diff with El Capitan? The new ‘custom font’ still makes me feel uncomfortable… Apple. But, I understand it’s been hitting the accessibility gym hard. A hiding menu bar, split view, a flat ‘spinning wheel of death’, new Notes app, improved Spotlight, pinning Safari tabs, and maps including transit routes are a few noteworthy changes.

However, my favorite feature has to be Safari’s new ‘Develop’ tools. It has a responsive design mode within Safari that lets you quickly, and easily, test out a page design using different user agent strings, screen sizes, and device types. So neat, I'll be putting this functionality to the test asap.



Anyone loving or loathing the new San Francisco system font?

Sidebar: El Capitan (spanish for The Captain, The Chief) is a peak in the Yosemite Valley, California; 7,564 feet.

What others had to say:

So far, am liking El Capitan. The font change is a nice refresh, makes the whole thing feel lighter and thiner on my non-retina Macbook Air. My favourite updates are Safari (with the new dev tools, yes!) and Split View :)

Posted by: Wil Alambre | October 2, 2015

Fusion Summer Mixtape '15

Rob Posted by Rob Fusion Summer Mixtape '15

For my next playlist installment, I’ve put together some tracks from my favourite albums of the past month.


Jamie XX’s ‘In Color’ and Tame Impala’s ‘Currents’ definitely topped my list and are still in heavy rotation – aiding in the ebb and flow of creative juices at work, and providing warm vibes at home on the balcony. Vinyl copies of both were promptly scooped up...

On another note, in addition to being one of the most fun listens of the summer – Everything Everything’s ‘Get to Heaven’ has by far the best album art I’ve seen all year. Hilariously intense and vibrant; this illustration is a little whacked. Much like their take on progressive indie pop. Check it out!

- Rob



Everything Everything

To the Blade
Get to Heaven
Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Ur Life One Night
Can't Keep Checking my Phone
Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty
Stage or Screen

Tame Impala

Let It Happen
The Less I Know the Better
Reality In Motion

Clarence Clarity

Alive in the Septic Tank

Hudson Mohawke

Very First Breath
Scud Books

Jamie XX

I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)
Loud Places
The Rest is Noise

What others had to say:

What a great idea, Rob! I'm looking forward to seeing more album cover art. #FusionxSpotify

Posted by: Andrea | October 7, 2015

Fusion Spring Mixtape '15

Rob Posted by Rob Fusion Spring Mixtape '15

Everyone needs a solid seasonal soundtrack. I've put together a playlist of some favorite songs to go along with the spring vibes in the air! Check it out on Spotify:




Bodyache  -  Purity Ring
Fineshrine  -  Purity Ring
Black Out Days  -  Phantogram
Fall in Love  -  Phantogram
By Your Side  -  Daniel Johns
Dissolve  -  Daniel Johns
Chained  -  Daniel Johns
Coffee  -  Miguel
Do You  -  Miguel
Hurting  -  Friendly Fires
Live Those Days Tonight  -  Friendly Fires
Blue Cassette  -  Friendly Fires
27  -  Young Fathers
Rain or Shine  -  Young Fathers
Nest  -  Young Fathers
Alright  -  Kendrick Lamar
Brand New Car  -  Action Bronson
Baby Blue  -  Action Bronson
Easy Rider  -  Action Bronson

P.S. Who's pumped to see Purity Ring next week?!

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Soul Design

Rob Posted by Rob

This post may be somewhat biased. I say that because my life revolves around any opportunity I can find that allows me to drive. Whether it's at the track in my s2000, in my living room on my PlayStation, or with my Hot Wheels in front of my iMac - I’ll find a way.

Automobiles are often times viewed as a tool for transportation, and not much more. Indulge me while I take this opportunity to remind everyone who doesn't have 5w30 running through their blood; there is beauty and soulful expression in this form of design. Heart and soul goes into their creation, which translates to a heart and soul of their own. You can sense it through a glance, and be consumed by it through your hands and body.

When their potential is tapped into, these intricate man made machines harmoniously carry out their purpose and transform into something that is more than the sum of their parts, (much like a the human body?!). They can’t feel, but the best ones do come ‘alive’. With all that said, lets look at some car-porn. Does that flag any not safe for work filters, Peter? Oh well...

RIP Top Gear <3